Born in December?

Peace on earth, good will towards men…isn’t that what this season is supposed to be about. Well maybe I am naïve and never knew the reason of the date December 25th.  No one really knows the real date that Jesus was born. This day was supposedly chosen to celebrate the birth of Christ only so that it would replace a very popular pagan holiday, the Feast of Saturn which is the birthday of the sun. So the theory is that the Church of Rome chose this day so people would continue the celebration they were accustomed to but to hopefully celebrate Christ’s birth and not the birth of the sun.  It was all a conspiracy…Hark the Herald, no more pagans will sing.

Speaking of births and December, I think every parent out there when planning a pregnancy should try to avoid a birth in December. I know that was big on my list…no December baby! Everyone I know that has a birthday in this month hates it. They get the combo birthday/Christmas present, their gift is wrapped in Christmas paper or their party is put off with the family until Christmas so they get gypped their own special day. I honestly don’t know one person that likes it…so in April, take a rest and concentrate on your taxes J.


8 Responses

  1. My birthday is in December, and I don’t hate it. So there…

  2. I was hoping I would get one comment from a December baby that doesn’t mind it…but let me ask you this…would you PREFER it was in a different month?

  3. I’m a December baby…celebrated it yesterday in fact. As a child I would have preferred my birthday be in a different month….but as an adult I love it! I get to be a part of Christmas celebrations and everything is so festive and beautiful all month long!

  4. Well Happy Birthday a day late Erin. So now I have 2 adults that like their December birthday…maybe it’s only kids I have heard complain.

  5. My son’s b-day was yesterday, December 14. When we found out my due date, I must admit, I was bummed it was so close to Christmas (I was due 12/17). But, both my husband and I have made an effort to keep his b-day separate from our Christmas celebration. We have his party the first week of December, and don’t put up any Christmas decorations until after his special day! So, so far, my little guy isn’t getting gipped yet.

  6. My birthday is in October and one thing I did not like about that is, right after I got my birthday presents I had to make a list for Christmas presents. Being a fairly easy to please kid it was rather stressful thinking of new things I wanted days after I just got everything I wanted and I can only imagine it being worse when they are close.

    But I do like expensive things so maybe it would have worked better if my birthday was nearer christmas, that way I could have asked for a big gift that is purposefully both christmas and birthday, makes writing a list a lot easier.

  7. How about a January birthday? Just as you finish opening your Christmas presents everyone asks you what you want for your birthday! It doesn’t matter how you answer, because the toy stores will be cleaned out of all the good stuff anyway! You are destined to get clothes for your birthday.

  8. My birthday is in December and yes I hate it! It’s so hard to come up with what you want for your birthday and Christmas. Then when I get money for my birthday I have to go to the mall during the crazy crowds and I always end up spending some of it on Christmas gifts for other people.

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