What’s new in Television land

The Screen Actors Guild wants its members to strike… not again! Last year it was the writers and this year the actors. I’m confused…Charlie Sheen is said to make an estimated $825,000 an episode and I would think they make at least 20 episodes a year. How can anyone survive on that salary…I agree, he should strike! Maybe I don’t know enough about the SAG but I always thought they were paid well. All I know is these strikes are hell on us TV watchers. If they do strike the first target is the Oscar’s scheduled for Feb 22nd.

Speaking of the Oscars, why would they choose Hugh Jackman to host them…my gut is saying that’s a mistake. In the past we have seen great comedians host like Jon Stewart, Ellen DeGeneres, Billy Crystal and Whoopi Goldberg…what can Hugh give us? Maybe being called Sexiest Man Alive they figure people will just stare at his beauty and forget how long and drawn out the night really is.

Speaking of the night…last night I was watching one of my favorite sitcoms The Big Bang Theory. I love this show and think it has some good writing…I especially like the actor Jim Parsons playing the character Sheldon. If you have not yet seen this show, please give it a shot. I would hate to see this show cancelled and have one more damn reality show take its place. Just watch this 3 minute clip from the show last night…Sheldon at his very best!


2 Responses

  1. I agree with you that the big name actors make a lot of money and probably don’t deserve more but SAG represents all actors, including extras and TV commercial actors. Possibly the reason for going on strike is SAG wants these people to make more money and the big names like Charlie Sheen only give the actors more leverage against studios.

    I also agree that Big Bang Theory is awesome and hilarious and is my second favorite comedy behind 30 Rock.

  2. I think they want Hugh Jackman cause #1 he’s nice to look at, …but more importantly, I think because he’s really a song and dance guy so maybe he’ll entertain us. I hear he commands the stage so maybe it’ll be worth it.

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