Small Towns

When it comes to Christmas I’m glad I was a kid back in the olden days, not as far back as Laura Ingalls though, we did have T.V. to watch all the Holiday CLASSICS!

One of my best memories at Christmas was visiting Santa Claus. Every day on my way home from school I would sit on his lap in a small town park…not some big commercial mall. The whole park (Gracelord Park, Boonton) was decorated so nice and in the middle was a little red house that Santa sat in. Since this was right on my way home I had to get clever and change my identity so Santa would not know I already got a DELICIOUS red or green lollipop (much better than a candy cane).  One day I would wear pig tails, then maybe the next day I would do just a pony tail. By the time Christmas came I had run out of hats, coats, names, voices, hairstyles and was exhausted. At least by next Christmas I would be a couple of inches taller…ha ha Santa! I bet today they stamp your hand and give you and ID number; you are in no way getting 2 candy canes!

Maybe it’s where I live now; I just don’t see the decorated parks like I used to see back in N.J. Are they out there, do they still exist, does anyone care!! Ut oh, I feel like Charlie Brown now.


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  1. Remember the “icing” on those lollypops that would make your mouth all white. I loved the red ones and would change my scarf with Linda daily, thinking Santa wouldn’t know the difference. The have a different Santa Land now at “Pond Bridge” that isn’t as quant but is just as grand.

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