Food for thought

Sometimes I regret naming my blog “Daily Dalia” because I feel pressured to write something daily (minus the weekends). Although I know if I missed a day here or there people’s lives would still continue but my conscience would be saying “you named it daily now damn it you have to do it daily”!!

Just to show you how desperate I am today I chose “fruitcake” as my topic. Did you all know that the earliest recipe from Rome lists pomegranate seeds, pine nuts and raisins which were mixed into a barley mash. OK…this is where it gets really interesting; don’t click the back arrow yet.  In the Middle Ages preserved fruits were added and the name “fruitcake” was first used. C’mon, this is great Christmas party conversation, just think how everyone will be so impressed with your knowledge and you can tell them you learned all about it on the Daily Dalia! Honestly I have never had a slice of fruitcake.

You know another thing I have never had, chestnuts that have been roasted on an open fire and I barely remember tasting egg nog. What are sugarplums is that part of plum pudding? I have never attempted a gingerbread house and I’m not sure if I ever baked a sugar cookie? I think I would leave Santa whatever Nabisco bag we had in the cupboard. I was more of a “present” kid…could care less about the food.


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  1. I always thought that fruitcake got a bad rap. It’s actually pretty good, but you can’t eat it like it’s cake. It’s more like eating candy; a little goes a long way. Eggnog is another example of that.

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