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I found the perfect gift for your teenager this holiday season although it has to be a secret. Have you heard of zoombak, the personal GPS locators? What you do is hide this in their car, bike or backpack and it will tell you where they are. You can set up custom safety zones like “school” and the GPS will tell you when they arrive their (or when they cut out early or ditch school all together). You can receive this information from your cell phone, how great is that for the parent but awful for the child. This is when I am happy I was a teen in the time of dino-technology! You can also put it on your pet but that wouldn’t be as fun.

Speaking of gifts, I was in the Dollar Store (I know it’s awful but sometimes it is worth the trouble). I was looking for some stocking stuffers which can be more difficult than finding actual gifts…who came up with this concept. Well anyway I was at the checkout and I noticed a pregnancy test for…you guessed it…$1.00. First of all, why would you have these at the checkout and do they work for $1.00??? I would have to get a second opinion based on the cost, sometimes you do get what you pay for.

Speaking of pay, I was in the bank yesterday and there was a sign at the front door saying “All sunglasses and hats must be taken off before entering”. Maybe it’s because I don’t go inside banks much anymore but is this common? What if I’m having a bad hair day or I have pink eye and don’t want the world to know. I guess that is what ATM’s are for and why I avoid going inside a bank.


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  1. This is why I wish at times that I was a kid/teenager in the 60s/70s because this stuff is out of control. GPS for your kid! This is a great way to build trust between two people. The scary thing is that this device could be used on a suspected adulterer husband/wife. Safe zone…HOTEL! Cell phone alert and caught! Unbelievable.

    I haven’t been inside a non-supermarket bank in ages, but I guess the no hats/sunglasses makes sense for bank robberies and the security cameras catching good glimpses. I wonder if it depends on the neighborhood.

  2. Omg lol. Thats pretty kewl, i think i saw it in the news a couple months back, the kid was driving like crazy!

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