Maybe next year I’ll drive

I survived my Christmas traveling with only a few scars to show for it. First of all I had a great Christmas with my son in San Francisco, it was just getting there that was a task. I flew Southwest, maybe that was a bad decision to start. Yes, my plane was delayed but according to Southwest greed was the problem. They said over their intercom that San Francisco was letting in the big planes first even though we were scheduled ahead of them…you get more money for jumbo’s landing then our little aircraft. He referred to us as being treated as the red headed stepchild.

We finally did take off but unfortunately I was sitting in front of a kicker…a 5 year old who did not understand the meaning of the word “stop”. His oblivious father told him only once, I told him about 4 times but the kicking continued. Then I had the “cougher” next to me…someone coughing on a plane just isn’t good for a germaphobe like me. Every time he coughed I felt like I would be doomed to become sick at any moment. Then it was beverage time, why did they stop the cart and start taking orders like you’re in a restaurant, this whole process takes so much longer. I like that cart, even when it bangs into my arm, I like it. I asked for iced tea and when it finally arrives it is unsweetened…so then I had to wait another 5 minutes for sugar…all I wanted was the premade Nestea stuff that comes already sweetened…how many people actually drink iced tea with no sugar! Now the topper…my bag of peanuts was empty, I swear! The bag was sealed with not one peanut inside. I honestly laughed at this point.

My story does not end with the empty bag of peanuts. I patiently waited for my luggage to come down that chute but I knew I was in trouble when the belt stopped moving and my bag was nowhere to be seen. I was among about 5 people who gloomily walked to the dreaded missing luggage counter. I asked the lady where my luggage was and her answer was “we don’t scan the bags”. Then what the frick is the scan bar on my tag for?? She said she “hoped” it would be on the next flight.  Well lady, I hope you have a nice Christmas, I hope you get your next paycheck, I hope you don’t get the flu this year. What the hell kind of answer was that and how can they not know where my luggage is.

Coming home was easier…I only had one jerk to deal with. The woman in front of me in the security line kept beeping. Lady…you don’t go to the airport with 4 big ass bangle bracelets, huge hoop earrings and Mr. T chains around your neck. Are these people new to the world.


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  1. sounds like a nightmare. but a great story…

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