The Chargers…an antibiotic?

I always cringe at these titles on the front pages of newspapers (obviously depending on where you live the name would differ) “Chargers give hope amid the gloom”. Yes we made it to the playoffs but we are still in a recession and I still can’t find a job. I don’t think the Chargers or any other freaking football team is going to change this, it’s still gloom.  Mr. Canepa actually writes “if it wasn’t apparent before these became times that try our souls and 401K’s, it should now. The Chargers matter. The Chargers are important.”  Did this guy just compare my dwindling 401K account to a hopeful foot ball team…I hope not.  Then he goes on to say “and they (Chargers) matter to folks who’ve never attended a game, to many of those who’ve never read a sports page. Fans can’t cheer the zoo. They can’t take out their frustrations on Shamu”. Who is this guy that knows what matters to me? And yes, I can cheer the zoo…I love the zoo! Go Shamu!!!

Why do so many sports people have this mentality? I can see enjoying a sports game but his words go overboard. He says,” The Chargers are an antibiotic. Not a cure-all by any means, but something to stir what passion we have left in our pot”.  An antibiotic, is he serious. There can be a million things that an individual could claim as an “antibiotic” like a good movie, Disneyland, a walk in the park but I don’t ever see front page articles on these.

I hate to keep quoting this guy but his words amazed me. The Chargers have “threatened” to leave San Diego if they do not get a new stadium built for them. My buddy Mr. Canepa also said in this article “If they do so, what’s left of the morale in this city could be found with the rest of the sewage at the mouth of the Tijuana River. Those who would like them to leave would be able to tell the difference in the autumn air they breathe”.  My mouth hung wide open trying to figure out that one. My morale along with many others will be just fine.

My parting words…You can like sports but don’t put them up high on the pedestal of life. Save that for the important things.


4 Responses

  1. This man actually validates a common political theory derived from Caesar’s reign over the Roman Empire. The “Bread & Circus” political theory basically states that if a nation’s people are fed and entertained, they will not rebel. Caesar thought that if the Romans weren’t hungry and at the same time were happily entertained by a lavish circus they’d would be distracted and fulfilled. Therefore, less apt and less motivated to overthrow him. Football, and other sport programs, are essentially the circus. It keeps citizens distracted by something that is fun for them and also completely out of their hands. Think of it as the gladiators of modern times.

    In times where there is a lot of things going wrong, football becomes the “sanctuary” for millions of people. Although, you and I may not like football, it provides a trivial environment for people to escape to. Some people use the cinema, others sports.

    Let’s not forget that watching a football game on a TV at home is also inexpensive, so there is cheap entertainment in an economically rough time. As long as there isn’t a famine and these national sporting events continue, society as we know it is relatively stable according to Caesar’s “Bread & Circus” political theory.

  2. I understand the “trivial environment” that people need to escape to but I do not think that warrants front page news. I watched one of my favorite movies this morning “Little Miss Sunshine”. A family that is so out of whack pulls together at the end for this little girl. That is what America should be focusing on now in these hard times, families coming together, not rallying a football team.
    Just because it worked for Caesar’s reign does not mean it should be in today’s world. I would have hoped we have come a long way since those days.

  3. Well, if the real issue is the fact that this was on the front page, then I’d take a few things into consideration.

    1) Local Paper – Local News: This is probably the biggest news on a Sunday that is local. Compared to the violence in Gaza, it’s probably the next big story, especially for San Diego. This past week was a relatively slow news week – not much has been going on with the economy since markets have been closed. Politically, again you have the situation in Gaza. I was reading Yahoo and the cover story today was about how Presidents age.

    2) Sunday – Newspapers need to sell. On a Sunday morning, I bet they are more apt to sell papers about a Charger win then bombs and death or everyone losing money. Again, a day to escape. Weekend papers tend to be slow on news, so you’ll get more of these feel good stories and people are more relaxed and probably want that.

    As to rallying for a football team, for a lot of people it’s a part of their “extended” family. It’s the neighborhood team that everyone feels a part of and rallying for them is like rallying for themselves and their neighbors.

  4. I guess what the real issue is is the mentality of sports fans. Mr. Canepa’s words were ridiculous in my eyes. Again, you can love football but let it end there, if the Chargers leave, San Diego’s morale will not be found in the sewage of the Tijuana river.

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