The aftermath

I always like the week after New Years…it’s finally all over. I have a whole year until I have to deal with the holidays again, it’s a great feeling. Speaking of the week after, so how many of you have already slipped on your New Year’s Resolution. I’m not the fan of New Year’s resolutions, I’m one to start one on March 3 or June 19th…why is January 1st the day?

In the Sunday paper yesterday I was bombarded with ads for dieting, one was “8 Secrets to a Successful Diet”. I am so sick of diet articles and authors selling millions of books on the subject. I am not overweight; this is because I know to eat in moderation and exercise. I would have to think 95% of the population must know this by now. You cannot sit and eat a whole bag of cookies, you must get off the couch once in a while and take a walk, not cook with gobs of butter, drink soda and so on. I think what books people should be buying is how to have willpower or how to get motivated, isn’t that what it all boils down too? I also do not believe in fad diets, I think by now it is a proven fact that even if you lose the weight by eating only grapefruit and onions you will eventually gain it all back. I truly believe if you eat a well balanced diet in small quantities and get some type of exercise you will be keep your weight.

As I write this the Today show is having a segment on dieting and the woman just got finished with saying you should try to walk a little every day. This is what I am talking about…don’t we all know this by now, it is not NEW news.  I was born with willpower but no patience; I guess I am just tired of hearing the same thing over and over and over again.


One Response

  1. There is only one way to lose weight safely, eat less and eat healthy AND exercise, you need both, not just one of them.

    Also you need time. The average person who loses weight in a healthy manner will lose about 2 or 3 pounds a month, but that is partially because the exercise is giving you muscle.

    Diets dont work because they usually give people false hope that losing weight is easy, but it is not and requires a complete lifestyle change.

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