SSDD (have you seen Dreamcatcher)

I subscribe to Glamour magazine, make fun but I like to keep up with the fashions; normal fashion and not what they show in Cosmopolitan. I usually subscribe for a year and then quit for a few and then start up again so I don’t get bored. Yesterday after receiving my February edition I knew the time to quit is now. How many times (like my post yesterday about dieting) can I read about what a man wants in bed…we all know what they want, nothing has changed in the past 100 or more years. They are also famous for their surveys; yesterday I learned that 67% of men have measured their penis, I actually laughed out loud on that one. Yep, time to move on. And yes, I do read the newspaper but that can get depressing. Do certain magazines just rerun stuff over and over every few years?

Ever since I was little I would read Parade magazine that comes in the Sunday paper every week, even this seems to be losing it. The worst part of this publication is the very first page with all the questions and answers. This past Sunday a man wrote in and asked if Burt Reynolds was ever in Gunsmoke. Does this person not own a computer and is unaware of search engines such as Google? It would take you all of 5 seconds to get your answer. You also get questions like “whatever happened to that little dog in Frasier”. OMG…do you really care. I think they should cancel that whole section although then where would I get my entertainment of making fun of stupid questions.

I would have to assume that Time or Newsweek are less apt to repeat and I could subscribe to one of them but then I will miss all the best Oscar dresses and will they tell me that fanny packs are coming back in style (believe it, that is what Glamour says).

2 Responses

  1. Hey mags like Glamour and Cosmo have been working hard for years making sure women know what we men like. I think the following interview shows that Cosmo is ahead of the game:


  2. How about starting that “best selling novel” titled WHY…….i got the front cover idea…remember that middle aged women with the snow man cable knit sweater she wore to the movies IN AUGUST.

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