I don’t do Tequila or Flu

My boyfriend’s sons went to get their physical’s the other day and were both given the flu shot without even consulting their parent. I found that very odd, I would have thought you would need a parent’s consent. Maybe this is why I am not a huge Kaiser fan. I have never gotten the flu shot , my gut tells me not too. I have heard people get sick from the shot but according to 10 Flu Myths people who get sick after receiving a flu vaccination were going to get sick anyway”. Hmmmmmm, I don’t know about that.

It’s all a matter of choice and opinion. I did opt for the Chicken Pox shot because I never had it as a child and I hear it’s deadly as an adult. I thought I heard Cher had them later on in life, I’m not 100% sure but any reason to mention Cher is cool!!


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  1. I think it’s a shame more people don’t get flu shots and the urban myths are out of control on flu shots!..sure some years they are more effective then others. I got pneumonia at 38 on a year I did not get a flu shot.

  2. There are soooo many products available now to prevent getting the flu at any health / vitamin store. I stock up every fall on “Wellness” products. I would never get the flu shot or even consider giving it to my kids. The FDA admitted mistakes that were made with last years shots given “SHOCKER” ( don’t get me started on the FDA). And if by some slim remote chance you still get the flu after taking the preventative measures..it is so easy to get rid of if you are familiar with all the herbs and homeopathic methods on the market today

  3. Vitamins and Homeopathic medicine are fools gold against the flu

  4. Results NEVER lie

  5. I have never gone for a flu shot and I have never had the flu. My fear is that Im not allowing my bodies natural defense to stay strong. There are many flu strands and they change every year. I only take antibiotics if necessary and when I have a cold, the symtom relievers are kept to a minimum. I feel this has allowed my body to learn and naturally build a strong defense against foreign agents, like the flu. The immune system can learn a lot, but I feel the flu shot is like giving coffee to a child. It just stunts its growth. Unless you’re really young, or really old or have a terminal disease, take the chance.

    Focus on staying healthy instead of unnaturally fighting something that may or may not come.

    Here’s to nature’s medicine stuckn70s! Here here!

  6. For healthy people the flu shot may not be needed but I did know of someone who died because of complications with the flu and she was healthy.

    I think if someone should or should not take it is a case by case basis. Because it is a virus, antibiotics wont work and there is little to do to help once you get sick.

    Also letting your body build a strong immune system is a bit misguided as well because an anti-virus an injection of the virus so your body is building antibodies to fight the virus. Once anti-bodies are built they don’t leave, hence you wont get the flu. That is also why people only get the chickenpox once.

    So, actually getting the shot is making your immune system stronger and prevents serious health problems and possible (yet not probable) death.

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