Don’t hate me because I’m hot

p1000111I live in a small town in San Diego County and yesterday it hit about 83 degrees. My manfriend tells me that Fargo’s high was about -10…almost a 100 degree difference between 1870 miles. I’m not bragging, we have our share of ordeals we have to deal with here; fires, earthquakes and Britney Spears to name a few. I heard some towns yesterday got to like -40 degrees. Is there a certain degree where you just don’t feel any colder, I mean once you hit 100 degrees I don’t think I would sweat anymore. I remember my days living in NJ when it would get cold my nose hair would freeze; ahhhh, the good old days! I don’t do well now being cold; they say my blood has thinned since living here. All I know is that I would much rather be too hot then too cold.

There are some things I miss about the cold or maybe I should say snow. Building a snowman and sleigh riding were high on my list, now I have to drive about 1.5 hours to get to snow. Kids out here don’t get snow days; the most awesome feeling was listening to the radio waiting for them to say your school’s name. When it was announced it was probably what it would feel like now if I were to see my six numbers announced in the lottery! There’s just something about that brisk sensation you get when you’re out in the cold; maybe that is why East Coast people have more energy and West Coast people are more laid back.

I did take a couple of shots yesterday to help all the cold people in the world warm up. Let me know how cold it is where you are, is your nose hair freezing?



6 Responses

  1. man i wish i lived there. oh wait, i do!

  2. I love my home…

  3. Here in FL got down to the freezing mark early this morning.. now thats cold for here!!!

  4. It was -12 this morning. Schools are closed. Can’t have kids walking to school or waiting for the bus with wind chills at 25 below 0.

    Your pictures look lovely.

    I could imagine my toes in the water. I could really use a pedicure!

  5. Had to laugh at the pedicure comment, only a woman would understand. Don’t forget you have to make sure your legs are shaved.

  6. Daily Dalia…. Men get pedicures more and more these days. They may understand now too 🙂

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