Patience is a Virtue

Well today is the big day, the day that the first African American will become president of the United States of America. The inauguration is going to be huge, is it because he is black or is it because America is so messed up we are hoping for a miracle. I just hope everyone is a realist and realizes he is not Anne Sullivan, the noted “Miracle Worker” who is the first that taught the blind how to communicate. He is man who is taking on an entire country that has lost its way; we need much more guidance than Helen Keller ever did.

We just all have to remember in the words of Bishop V. Gene Robinson (the first openly gay Episcopal bishop who will say a prayer at the inauguration) “given the difficult circumstances we all face and given the fact we have placed so much hope on and responsibilities on Barack, I think it’s appropriate to remind the nation he’s only a human being and he can’t do all this by himself”, he said “In fact, all of us will need to play our part”.

Yes, Barack has made promises and I believe he truly means to make good on his word but I just hope that this day does not turn out to be a New Years Eve…people with high expectations and then let down afterwards. It will all take time, patience and EVERYONE pitching in.

Good luck Barack, and since I am Irish let me say “may the luck of the Irish be with you”.


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