I can see it now…Lemongrass at the Gap

I’m not big into politics but I do love fashion so I had to speak my few words on Michelle Obama’s wardrobe on inauguration day. I loved the color of her suit for the swearing in (they are calling it lemongrass). It was different and a bold choice not to mention very becoming to her skin tones. I wasn’t keen on the “bedazzle” at the neckline, I’m just not a sparkle person. I thought her shoes could have had a little more style to them, I liked the color but they seemed frumpy (meaning not hip). The glove color was a great choice. Now her night choice I was totally disappointed in (she’s getting rave reviews on it but I am entitled to my opinion”. I have never liked the Tarzan look (one shoulder strap) and I thought it made her look chunky, I would have liked the waistband a little lower.  It looked like a bird flew around her and dropped some feathers and they stuck to her. I did like the fact that her hair was down and casual.

Speaking of fashion, not that this is fashion but more of a strange fad which I just cannot understand…leaving that damn sticker on hats. You know, the round sticker that says the hat size that the youth of today insists on leaving on. Is this only a California thing, let me know.  This has got to be the all time dumbest thing someone started. WHY…can someone please explain WHY! Are these people Minnie Pearl fans…no, they don’t even know who the hell she is. It’s time for this fad to fade away, only because it just makes no sense.

Let me know what you thought of Michelle’s outfits, or do you like the sticker on the hats, or what fad bugs you. Any fashion comment will do.


6 Responses

  1. Dear Dalia,
    I, too, was disappointed with Michelle Obama’s ball gown. Your description was right on. Tarzan strap, not my taste at all. Waist was too high and the feather/decoration things, hmmm. Reminded me of fuzzy roses on grandma’s bath robe.
    But, color was great, both morning and night. I do love sparkle and I think her morning dress will go down in history with admiration to withstand the times.

    Hats with stickers??? I don’t get it either. I’m 41 with two kids, 23 and 20. No matter what the “fad” was at the time, I made sure my kids looked clean, neat, well-dressed without anything too outlandish.

  2. One more thing, Dalia. Your headline about the “Gap”. There will be “lemongrass” but only if they are still around this fall. They are in financial trouble. What a sad day.

  3. It’s nice to know I’m not alone disliking the “Tarzan” look! Unless your swinging on a vine I just don’t see the appeal?
    I just read about The Gap…along with Lane Bryant (that would be no loss). I spoke to a Gap manager last year and told him their clothes are getting boring, I guess other people feel the same.

  4. I’m not going to get into Michelle’s outfits since I tend to love everything she wears simply because I love her personality and that love transcends to her clothes… so far. I also would like more attention put on what Michelle does rather than what she wears because although this is a usual topic discussed amongst First Ladies, I think Michelle has so much potential to good that I’d like people to focus more on her talent, knowledge and grace rather than on simply her clothes.

    As to the Gap being in financial trouble, I say thank goodness. Maybe that will really give them a swift kick in the butt to come up with some fresh new ideas and designs. I have walked in and out of that store empty handed for years, simply because the styles lack originality or change. Not to mention, their prices seem a small percentage higher than they should be.

  5. Yes I agree what Michelle does is more important then what she wears but Inauguration Day is the Oscars of Politics. I think one day out of the 4 year term America can have fun critiquing her dress.

  6. Ok if we must comment on what Michelle wore….I have to add my two cents. I hated both of her outfits and hated that Lemongrass color…I think it was all wrong for her skin tone. I have seen many of color look better on her. Daring yes…but totally a wrong choice for her. And not to mentiong that red and black disaster of an outfit that she wore for “the win”…I think she needs to get a sense of herself and trust her own judgement instead of listening to what other people think she should wear. I have faith that she will find her style withing her own comfort zone and stay with it. She already looks like she is trying way too hard.

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