Lesson Learned

I was shopping at Albertson’s supermarket this past week and overheard a statement I wanted to share with everyone. A mom was shopping with her two children, twin boy and girl age 6. I heard the mom say to her son “just because it is too heavy for you doesn’t mean it’s too heavy for a girl. Don’t tell her that”.  They were near the milk so I assumed they were speaking of a gallon of milk.

I just loved the fact she pointed that out to him and at a young age because it is at young ages that kids are most impressionable. It’s also very important that the girl heard this because if she didn’t, her whole life she may never try to do something that a man cant. She may assume things that are not true about her. Yes, it is only a gallon of milk in the supermarket but that is where it starts. I applaud the mother for not just letting that comment slip by.  


3 Responses

  1. I, too, applaud the mother for pointing this out to her children. The social influences that this mother must counter are strong, but her words will often carry more impact, so it is highly important for her to continue to point out these moments, as small as they may be. Sometimes I think these small situations, like carrying a gallon of milk, can be more impactful than a big situation because they can easily go unnoticed. If it doesn’t, it shows the children that the idea of gender equality transcends through all fascets of life.

    I hope that having Michelle Obama as First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continue to push the idea of strong women. There was an image during the inaugeration that was awesome. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Senator Diane Feinstein and Barack Obama walking through the Capitol to the veranda. Two women and a black man are amongst the most powerful people in American politics.

    Hillary Clinton is fourth in line to the presidency. Nancy Pelosi is third in line. TWO WOMEN! The wave of change contines!

  2. Now we just have to wait for Prop 8 to go away and we’d be on a roll!! Women, Blacks and Gays…oh my.

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