What Interviewer would you choose?

The hero pilot, Chesley Sullenberger, who landed the distressed plane in the Hudson River last week is giving his first interview with Katie Couric. This led me to think if something “big” happened to me, who would I want to give that first interview to; who would you choose? (if you pick “other” can you please comment  on who that would be because I am sure I left out some of the obvious choices)



4 Responses

  1. For “other” I pick Jon Stewart-he is intelligent, hilarious and adorable.

  2. This was a hard choice for me…I have to say. The only person that I would absolutely stay away from is Barbera Wa Wa. I can’t stand her. But Matt Lauer I guess would be my fav…with Katie Couric holding a close second

  3. I’m interested to see how many people actually pick Oprah. Her show is the most popular, but I feel the conversation would be more about her in the end, then about me. She would do that yelling thing and I wouldn’t know how to react.

    This is why I chose Anderson Cooper. He tends to be involved with his guests and not to mention, easy on the eyes!!!

    Another contender would be Meredith Vierra, I believe. I enjoy watching her interviews because she intermixes skill of grace, compassion and strength in her interviews.

  4. I agree about Anderson Cooper, I mean the guy really does show an interest in what he is working on and looks good doing it!

    I also think Oprah is overated, yea she’s a great person and whatever but she knows people see her as God and she loves it.

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