120 Seconds

If you could only watch a couple of minutes of T.V a week I would highly suggest the last 2 minutes of Scrubs. This has to be the most insightful time of the week; there is always a lesson to be learned and this lesson is told in the most creative way. Forget Oprah or Dr. Phil, you will learn all you need to know about life from J.D…that’s John Dorian for all you non watchers. I am so sad that this is Zach Braff’s last year playing the endearing character of J.D., now who will I learn from.  I suggest that they take those last 2 minutes of the past 8 years the show has been on and make a movie from it – I predict it would be a hit. The best part of these 2 minutes is that when it comes on you just have to listen, I don’t know how they do it but it’s lures you like a snake to its charmer. One week they used the theme of The Wizard of Oz (that was my favorite episode so far) and last night they used Sesame Street. If you don’t watch Scrubs it is not too late to start, you can always watch re-runs. I would have to think if everyone watched this show the world may be a kinder place. Here are both endings, The Wizard of Oz and Sesame Street.


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