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Butt why should I?

Too many trees are being cut down just to make your bathroom experience more pleasurable…the fluffier the paper the more trees that have to come down. I honestly don’t care how soft my toilet paper is, and I don’t even go camping. But all you spoiled people out there that need comfort; you are cutting down even some trees from rare old-growth forests…some trees up to 200 years old. Yes, it is the fiber taken from standing trees that make your butt more comfortable. Paper can be made from recycled material but according to Georgia Pacific, maker of Quilted Northern, customers “demand soft and comfortable, recycled fiber cannot do it”. Sales were way up in 2008 so maybe people are not ready to go green yet in the bathroom. (that didn’t sound right)

This past Sunday at the Academy awards they were not using designer toilet paper. When the celebrities would leave the bathroom with some toilet paper stuck on their shoe and was asked “who are you wearing” they could proudly answer, “100% recycled toilet tissue”! Yes, the Kodak Theater is environmentally hip.

In many European nations a rough sheet of paper is deemed sufficient. C’mon, we can do it too. Just try it, you will get used to it. You can start slow…start with the ultra soft, then the next week you shop just go for “soft” and use that for about a week. Then the next week try recycled. At the beginning you may hate it but honestly, you won’t notice after a week. Let’s boycott all these foo foo papers!

To answer “Butt why should I”, not only will you save trees butt

Turning a tree to paper needs more water then turning paper back into fiber.

Polluting bleach is used for greater whiteness

Recycled paper produces less waste tonnage

Sex Sells


Last Christmas I flew Southwest and not only did my luggage not show up at my destination I actually received a sealed empty bag of pretzels on the flight. I knew times were tough but do they just want to give the illusion of handing out snacks? Well now the airlines as stooped to a lower level of having double standards. 2 years ago when the economy was not as bad as today they asked a woman who had on a short skirt and low top to get off the plane or to purchase something in the gift shop to cover herself. Why…because “Keith” said they were a family airline and she was dressed to provocatively.

Now the economy is in the pits so I guess Southwest needs some business so to hell with the “family airline” theory. The plane now has the Sports Illustrated bikini model painted on the side of their plane. Their spokesman says “We were looking for a fresh marketing approach”. Here, 2 years ago they humiliated a woman who was wearing more clothes then the model on their plane, what is their excuse now. Author Davis Delano says “If Southwest featured a female soccer player kicking a ball that would have broken the mold. Instead, it’s same old, same old”.

Desperate times call for desperate measures but I would have thought with all those empty pretzel bags they would have saved millions. I know Vegas has changed with the times, years ago they were all about sex, then they made it more family oriented and now they are back to sex. Good economy = family. Bad economy = sex.

(Here is the interview 2 years ago that shows what the woman was wearing)

From flashing breasts to repentance

Yesterday was Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras in New Orleans. I have New Orleans on my “places to visit before I die” list but not during the Mardi Gras season. I may have attempted the craziness in my 20’s but lifting my shirt in front of a bunch of strangers now would just not be the same. My craziness comes the day after Fat Tuesday which is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent.

 Growing up Catholic it was strongly suggested you give up something for Lent. What is Lent you ask…it is the 40 days before Easter (not counting Sundays which I just found out) where Christians imitate the 40 days that Jesus spent in the wilderness. It is a season of soul searching. So now is where my craziness came in. When I was a kid, one year for 40 days I actually gave up watching Gilligans Island. C’mon, that is just insane, and I survived it! I couldn’t give up Scooby, that would have put me over the edge so I settled for Gilligan.

 Even though now I do not attend church I still like to take part in Lent, I find it to be a challenge for me. One year I actually gave up burping (yes, this is huge for me) but I had to stop because I got stomach aches. One year was French fries & feta cheese. You don’t have to “give up” something; you can “do” something also for 40 days. So this year I am going to do my stomach exercises every day…and I don’t like stomach exercises! For nostalgic reasons I could give up my favorite show this year, LOST, which is very similar to Gilligan since it involves being stranded on a desert Island but I came to my senses. I was young and stupid once, now I am older and much wiser. Am I the only one who now participates…anyone else? Don’t give up reading the Daily Dalia for 40 days!

Suck it up

Why can’t I seem to find a good vacuum cleaner…I am jinxed when it comes to purchasing this particular item. Is there anyone out there who loves their vacuum cleaner? Maybe I can’t find one I like because I expect too much from it. When I push it back and forward I want to do it with ease and not be sweating after (although I could just skip weight training for that day). My main complaint is vacuuming floors…how do you do this without all the crap spitting out the back of the vacuum? How come I can go over one little dust bunny and the odds of it picking it up are 2-1…or is that 1-2…let’s just say 50%. Is it too much to ask for better odds.

Two weeks ago I thought I would try the Dyson…I like Mr. Dyson’s accent on his commercials and he appeared to be a decent guy. Well he claims that this vacuum does not lose suction. What he didn’t tell me is that the suction can be so strong that it ruins your carpet. I have Berber carpet and as soon as I turned on my Dyson all the fibers rose up too much. I threw my arms up and said “I give up”…my vacuum curse continues. I called Mr. Dyson and my vacuum is now waiting to be on trial this week. I had to ship it to their “claims department” and was told the meeting would take place this Thursday. So what, do a group of people sit around the table with my vacuum and my pictures of my ruined carpet and discuss my fate? I feel like I’m on trial…I don’t even get to call in on speaker phone and testify on my behalf. What kind of judicial system is this!! Is this meeting group sequestered? You have my vacuum, obviously only used once, can I just have my money back.

If anyone knows of a decent vacuum cleaner I would appreciate some help here.


Let me give you my Oscap…a recap of the Oscars. First let me say that the one perk of living in California is that the Oscars are over by 9:00 and everyone who watches still gets a good nights sleep.  

Red Carpet – Oh wait…I fell asleep for a tad. I found the dresses quite boring and we need a new hairdresser in Hollywood; what is with all the updo’s. I liked Jennifer Aniston the best but absolutely nothing wowed me. I am sick of the next day all the commentator’s saying “the Oscars went back to the classics”. I think The Oscars is one night that people should not be classic and have some fun with it!

Hugh Jackman…he was OK. I wouldn’t brag about his hosting but I wouldn’t slam him either; it was entertaining but not funny or memorable. There weren’t many comical one liners throughout the show to keep the east coast people awake. I did enjoy Anne Hatahway joining him for that minute.

Favorite Change – I absolutely loved the past 5 winners in acting announcing this year’s finalists, it gave it such a personal touch. I saw many tears from the women nominees’ just from them listening from past winners…I could feel they felt honored.

Favorite Speeches – There were 2 that I got emotional over and both went with Milk…the speeches for Best Original Screenplay and Best Actor given by Sean Penn. It boils down to equality and the passion for the fight of it. Maybe the sincerity in these speeches will help in some little way. Bravo Sean!!

Tackiest Moment – When Jennifer Aniston was giving 2 awards out with Jack Black and the camera went on Angelina not only once but twice. C’mon, was this the Oscars or Star magazine handling the camera. I thought the Oscars were a little classier then that.

Observation – I would say at least 85% or more of the winners (of course not the actress categories) are men. But hey, at least all these men thank their wives who are at home in their aprons cooking dinner.

Best Joke – “How did he do it? How for so many years did Sean Penn get all those jobs playing straight men?” – Robert De Niro

All in all the production last night was average. I still say you should have a comedian hosting; cleverness is key to keeping the night on a roll!


And the Oscar for the coolest outfit goes to…

Today in my post I am combining my two loves…Cher and the Oscars (which are on tomorrow night in case you have lived in a hole for the past couple of weeks). Cher was snubbed by Mr. Oscar…she did not get nominated for Mask which she was SUPERB in. And it’s not me being biast, many people agree. So one year she wore an outfit that was a little “out there”. It was a way of saying F—You…Cher Style. But she won for Moonstruck (not my favorite Cher movie) and had on another very Cher outfit. The two dresses below have been listed as the top 10 worst Oscar Fashions. I say they are Cher being Cher which is the pizazz  the Oscars have missed lately.

Cher Worst Oscar fashions

Her losing outfit

Cher Worst Oscar fashions

Her Winning Outfit