8 + 6 = 14

I know the excitement of the weekend was the Superbowl but I was annoyed with the whole octuplet story. My question is do I have the right to be annoyed. This woman already had 6 children when she had 8 embryos implanted inside her, actually all 14 children were conceived through in vitro fertilization. I thought what doctor would do this but then to hear his side he states who is he to decide how many children one person should have. He is right, there are no laws. Just because I could not fathom having that many kids does not mean it’s not right for someone else. I would only hope some psychological tests would be done.

Then I was angry she was not married, but then who is to say if you are married that you make a better parent. Who is to say that having 2 parents is the best situation; for all we know one of the parents could be just sitting on their ass all day or out all the time and it is only one parent raising the child. You just don’t know.

Then the financial part annoyed me but according to the story I read the mom and her parents can afford these children. Who knows if that is true but if she does financially put the burden on society to pay for these children then I think some new laws should be considered.

So many people have different opinions on the “perfect family”. I guess my belief would be if you can honestly say you have the time and love for each child and you can afford them then that should be your choice. But I still think there should be more rules when it comes to in vitro. There are way too many multiple births happening.

I’m still very annoyed with this. What do you think?


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  1. When you read up on it, it seems the MD did violate current IVF guideline with regard to number of embryos to implant.
    And Ms. Suleman may be suffering from some disorder- to have IVF when one already has 6 children (IVF is for fertility-impaired women; a mother of 6 is not fertility-impaired) speaks of some deep-seated neurosis or worse in the woman’s psyche.
    Who has time for 14 kids?

  2. Hi DD, you know me and I don’t usually write but boy was I annoyed when I first heard about that woman and then someone sent me a link with more details, I think she is totally greedy, making more kids than she needs or can give the utmost love to. Most people have trouble being truly loving to their kids equally and in great measure, imagine the way those kids will feel, she might like kids but will she love them as much as they really need and give them quality time alone?? I was ticked off and I really am glad you brought this up. It must be an issue because I am still bothered by it. I will enjoy seeing what other people say.

  3. I am totally with you on this. It’s selfish and irresponsible. It reminds me of the old ladies they find with 88 cats in their house. What makes this woman feel her DNA is so special to clog up the planet.

  4. This morning I heard that the medical costs are right at $400,000 per child. That is 3.2 million.If her insurance picks up some or all of this tab then I think we all have a right to be P.Oed here. In our little family it costs about $1200 a month for health insurance. Why so high? I hope its not to pay for her kids. If health insurrance pays for this then she can not afford this and they are lying to the public.
    As far as the dr. saying ” whom am I to decide” well there are a lot of doctors out there who won’t perform procedures because they do not think it is morally right. Was this morraly right or just a big paycheck?

  5. I, too, am annoyed by this woman. How greedy and self serving she must be to insist on multiple births. Yes, who knows what kind of household children will be best in. One parent, gay parents, or the traditional model. However, with 14 kids she is going to need help. Her parents are there to assist now, but what about their “golden years”? Maybe they would like to enjoy retirement without raising another family.

    People are weird. How selfish of them to eat up resources of our planet. My ex-husband and I had a plan…zero population growth. One kid to replace me and one to replace him. We stopped at two. This seemed logical at the time and still seems right to me.

    She’s a human, not a puppy mill.

  6. I love that idea of “replacement.” I always thought of reducing population growth as not reproducing at all, but the replacement model sounds much more fitting.

    I heard a comedian joking about this woman saying that someone is allowed to have more than 8 cats in a dwelling, but she can have 14 kids! No sense.

    I saw a great skit on SNL this past Saturday with this story and they incorporated Angelina Jolie into. This reminded me to post it on my blog! I loved it so much. No one needs to create 14 humans. Thankfully people like Angelina Jolie are out there to adopt some of the overflow!

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