So much more then great tomatoes

I read that Jon Bon Jovi, Shaquille O’Neal and civil rights activist Paul Robeson were among 13 people named to the New Jersey Hall of Fame yesterday. Then the article goes on to say that “the honor is meant to highlight positive contributions made to a state often stereotyped as a land of corrupt politicians, belching refineries and gangsters”. When and why did N.J get such a bad rap? Reminder; I am from N.J and lived there 27 years. Yes, I moved to Ca but I am still torn between the west and the east coast. New Jersey isn’t perfect by any means but I think it is a great state. The beaches are so much nicer than many of the ones I have seen in San Diego; the Jersey shore is the best! You can ski in the winter, N.Y is right there for employment or entertainment, Atlantic City for gambling and there is a lot of history and charm around. Sure the weather isn’t the greatest but it could be worse.

Is it all because of Newark? That is where people usually fly into and yes, it’s not the best place but every state has a Newark. I was telling my manfriend last night about NJ always being made fun of and he remembers a cartoon from over 20 years ago where Santa was peeing over his sleigh and a reindeer commented “we must be flying over N.J”. This has stuck in his head for that long; funny how he is dating a Jersey girl now! Even when you watch T.V, N.J is always the brunt of the joke…WHY? How did this start.

So everyone; stop making fun of the Garden State…let’s move on and make, let’s say…Kansas the new target.


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  1. What a shame ! Folks not born and bred in our Garden State just don’t get it. I have lived outside of Jersey for the last 20 years and I can not tell you how many times I have been asked ( when told where I’m from ) ” what exit ” ? Are you f**kn kidding me ! When I first started hearing this I honestly did not understand and asked for clarification. The response was something about driving through Jersey on the way to Florida and having to look at the smog filled , crusty cement buildings. This just infuriates me , are they for real ? Should the highways have been cut through our charming cow pastures and vegetable farms ?? I’ve learned to live with this kind of simple mentality and find the more I have to defend NJ , the more I miss it .

  2. Since I’ve gone to school in Western New York, everytime I say I’m from New Jersey I get comments about my accents, how dirty it is or they ask how many car acidents I’ve been in. I don’t understand! My friends from Western New York even say that they hate New Jersey…why?? I can only think that it’s because they’re jealous 🙂

  3. I remember watching “The View” one day and one of the original hosts ( Debbie Mattenopolis ) made reference to her hair and having a bad hair day. She joked that she looked like she was from NJ. I was so insulted that it completely changed my mind about her and was glad she got fired. Yes,I hate the cold but from April to December I love living here. Now if we could only get our taxes lowered.

  4. Being stuck between NYC and Philadelphia and without a prominent city of our own didn’t help. The waterfront and resulting mob influence contribuited to a negative perception. Also, who could forget all of those “I’m voting for the pig farmer from NJ jokes.”

  5. This guy didn’t help either…………

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