Let’s cry wolf

It’s no secret that I do not like Sarah Palin and it has nothing to do with her running on the Republican ticket, I just don’t like her. Right from the beginning something told me this woman is a jerk.

Now Ashley Judd is taking aim at Palin for the slaughter of many wolves in Alaska. I heard Palin say it has to be done because there are too many of them. I don’t know all the facts, when it comes to Palin no one ever does, but I do know the way she is doing it the wolves are suffering. No animal should suffer. Damn, I thought with McCain losing I was killing two birds with one stone; the Republicans would end their reign and Palin would be gone. She still haunts us.


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  1. The law allowing aerial shooting of predator populations in Alaska predated any action on the matter by current Gov.Palin by 3 years.(2003)Gov.Palin (elected in 2006) has allowed Alaska fish and game helicopters to be used for hunts in areas believed to have high wolve populations.She also attempted to allow a $150 per wolf bounty to hunters to belay the cost(helicopter rides ain’t cheap) but that was shot down by the courts who had a pre-existing law on the books precluding govt bounty on game.
    The law and practice ,whether you condone it or not,were there ,they currently are in other western states also.It is only since Gov.Palin selection as Republican VP candidate that the practice has gained such focused celebritard attention.

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