LiL who?

I can’t comment on the Grammy’s last night because I did not watch, I did hear someone got arrested…Chris Brown (I have no idea who he is but he dates Rihanna; I do know who she is). Back in the day, probably in the 80’s, I loved the Grammy’s; music is a big passion for me. I think I stopped watching when rap became popular, nothing against rap but I wouldn’t know about ½ the nominees anymore. And just the fact that Miley Cyrus attended last night says it all…this girl just annoys me and I don’t why she has the fame she does. It’s not only me who has stopped watching, last year had the second lowest viewing audience …34 million less people watched then back in 1984 when Michael Jackson has his sweep. Now those were the good ole days of the Grammy’s!

The other day I was driving and Pop Music came on and I said to myself, “they just don’t make songs like this anymore”. I’m sure some of you are saying “thank god” but I love the older music. The 60’s, 70’s and 80’s are my favorite; I believe there was more originality back then. I find today many bands & singers sound alike. I go on Itunes at least once a week and I check out the top 100 songs and I find it very disappointing.

I wouldn’t say I don’t enjoy the Grammy’s because I’m older now…I’m sure that is what all you youngin’s are thinking. I would just chalk it up to the fact that I prefer the classics. Ok, maybe I am old.

Note: I do own the winner of the best album of the year…I’m still hip. Now take a few minutes and enjoy Pop Music!!!!!

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  1. Agreed, most of the popular music is dreadful to listen too.

    I also don’t watch because I could care less about any person nominated for any of those awards, besides the best spoken audio book of course.

  2. I watched just about half of the Grammies and ended up switching it off after disappointment in some winners. I find great frustration in miscategorized or cross categorized acts. Pop awards are awarded to rappers or country singers, but never vice versa. Most of the times I watch for the musical performances, because they really can be great productions, but this year turned to be a dud since Rihanna was unable to attend.

    They dont even have a host for the Grammies. It was passed along between different acts. The show as lame and I assume they’ve still got a few years before it could get any better.

  3. I want to hear singers voices again. Mick, Aretha, Frank, Bruce, Whitney, David, Barbra, Elvis, Janice. Where are the VOICES?

    Did anybody read this recent article in Time?,9171,1877372,00.html?iid=digg_share

    Singers don’t even have to know how to sing now! They use Auto-tune in the studio and lip-synch for the “live performance!”

    What a joke it has all become.

  4. Although I don’t like the fact this article used Cher’s photo (she has been singing since the 60’s and has maybe used the synthesizer a few times)yes, anyone can be a singer…hence Miley Cyrus. I guess you just need either a good gimmick, good agent or a parent who sings so you can use their last name!

  5. Or a parent who wants to live their dream through their kid who has more talent than they ever did… like Britney Spear’s mother, Lindsay Lohan’s parents, etc.

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