Nature Calls

I’m heading for Mammoth tomorrow; the Daily Dalia needs a getaway! Although Mammoth is known for its skiing and I have never skied in my life, I am looking forward to being in nature. Being in nature has a way of making me feel like my life seems so trivial compared to its vastness. It calms me.

What I’m hoping is not found in Mammoth nature is news on that damn mother of 14. I cannot stand to hear anymore lies from her and how pathetic she is (is she really trying to look like Angelina). All week she has been on the Today show (I muted after the first day) and I just can’t bear to watch her smugness . Can she just go away; the sound of her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. And when I found out she does collect welfare I found myself questioning this country, how does this happen? Unfortunately I know when I get back it won’t all just be a bad dream. If she does end up writing a book I hope no one will buy it; we all just have to show no interest in her so she will go away. Those will be my last words on her.

Other topics I need a break from-

The Stimulus

Valentine’s Day

Chris Brown

Madonna (and her young man)

Jessica Simpson


See you next week and for anyone who does celebrates Valentine’s day, have a nice one.


2 Responses

  1. I am not particularly surprised a woman would want so many children. From a young age most women are raised to be mothers, they play with dolls, they play house, and they are restricted from doing boy things.

    Although most women know how to not have kids, I understand that someone may have a sort of addiction to having kids.

    Now does that mean I agree she should have so many, not at all, but I don’t think anyone can tell her not to have more. Also a lot of women think their role on earth is to have children, it is their religious perspective.

    Now i dont watch the news but I do agree that hearing about her story constantly would be annoying as all hell.

  2. My last comment also:
    She apparently set up a website to beg for donations.
    Have a great trip!

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