Clinton Disappoints

San Diego Skyline...Boycott Manchester Hyatt

San Diego Skyline...Boycott Manchester Hyatt

If you have visited my site before you may notice I have a new look today. Everyone is throwing around the “reinvent” word so I will use that too…I am reinventing my blog.  Or I could say that since yesterday was President’s day I felt with the new regime in the White House I was inspired to give myself a new look. But honestly I get bored easily and wanted a change, hope you like it.

But speaking of Presidents, one in particular has moved from someone I liked to someone who is now on my shit list; President Clinton. This past weekend Clinton was in San Diego giving a speech at the Manchester Grand Hyatt, a hotel which the owner gave $125,000 to support Prop 8, trying to ban gay marriage in California. There were about 200 protestors there and Clinton crossed the line. This man has said in the past he is against Prop 8…his actions speak much louder than his word. I was looking for a room last year to stay in the San Diego area and was offered a free room at this Hyatt but there was no way in hell I would have stayed there. I was so disappointed in Bill…this was much worse than the Monica thing.

We cannot forget about Prop 8, just because it is not “fresh news” it is still something that has to be fought for as hard as day one. I still don’t understand in the year 2009 how we can still argue the fact of equality for all…it baffles me.


One Response

  1. He also signed DOMA and Dont Ask Dont Tell.

    I am sure there is some reason he cross the line.

    PS: I digg the new look!

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