Gifts Galore

I think there is one Oscar tradition we should get rid of…the goody bag. I thought goody bags were for 5 year olds after a party at Chuck E Cheese that got filled with all the crap you won with your tickets. In past years, celebrity Oscar gifts have included a $5,000 commode, a $5,000 vacation, a $3,500 diamond watch and rides on private jets. My question is why? These are the people that can afford this stuff but yet it is just handed to them on a silver platter. Well, according to Madison and Mulholland, the VIP gift bag and product placement company, this year people will be more conservative as to not flaunt it in everyone’s face. Well isn’t that nice of them… yes some people have lost their homes to foreclosures. But then you have GBK productions saying in their lounge they will be giving away $10,000 vacations to a destination spa, $8,000 to $18,000 watches, and a year’s worth of Botox, Restylane and microdermabrasion valued at $3,000. Botox…I thought everyone in Hollywood had natural beauty?

What it boils down to is free publicity; companies want a picture of their product in the hands of someone famous. As much as I love Cher, if she was holding an Iphone I would not run out and buy one. Are people this insecure that that have to buy things they see celeb’s using?

I just hope after the photo of whoever holding whatever product is taken that the celebrities pay it forward and they should donate all these things. I love going to the movies and being entertained by these creative people but that shouldn’t put them on a pedestal. Remember…they are just like us.

(don’t forget to vote for your favorite movie to win the Oscar…two posts down).



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  1. If I remember correctly, a couple years back they started taxing these bags. It doesn’t solve it, but it helps make it better.

    In the end, these gifts really are marketing tools similar to a commercial. It’s almost as though the recipients become walking mannequins for a lot of the products. You may not run to buy an iPhone because Cher has one, but when you are in the market for a phone, you may remember what the phone looks like because you’ve seen it in a picture of Cher. Keeps at the front of mind.

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