Let me give you my Oscap…a recap of the Oscars. First let me say that the one perk of living in California is that the Oscars are over by 9:00 and everyone who watches still gets a good nights sleep.  

Red Carpet – Oh wait…I fell asleep for a tad. I found the dresses quite boring and we need a new hairdresser in Hollywood; what is with all the updo’s. I liked Jennifer Aniston the best but absolutely nothing wowed me. I am sick of the next day all the commentator’s saying “the Oscars went back to the classics”. I think The Oscars is one night that people should not be classic and have some fun with it!

Hugh Jackman…he was OK. I wouldn’t brag about his hosting but I wouldn’t slam him either; it was entertaining but not funny or memorable. There weren’t many comical one liners throughout the show to keep the east coast people awake. I did enjoy Anne Hatahway joining him for that minute.

Favorite Change – I absolutely loved the past 5 winners in acting announcing this year’s finalists, it gave it such a personal touch. I saw many tears from the women nominees’ just from them listening from past winners…I could feel they felt honored.

Favorite Speeches – There were 2 that I got emotional over and both went with Milk…the speeches for Best Original Screenplay and Best Actor given by Sean Penn. It boils down to equality and the passion for the fight of it. Maybe the sincerity in these speeches will help in some little way. Bravo Sean!!

Tackiest Moment – When Jennifer Aniston was giving 2 awards out with Jack Black and the camera went on Angelina not only once but twice. C’mon, was this the Oscars or Star magazine handling the camera. I thought the Oscars were a little classier then that.

Observation – I would say at least 85% or more of the winners (of course not the actress categories) are men. But hey, at least all these men thank their wives who are at home in their aprons cooking dinner.

Best Joke – “How did he do it? How for so many years did Sean Penn get all those jobs playing straight men?” – Robert De Niro

All in all the production last night was average. I still say you should have a comedian hosting; cleverness is key to keeping the night on a roll!



5 Responses

  1. See , I have to disagree with you about Hugh. He kept it light and fresh and stayed away from one liners which was a good thing since he is not a comedian , and I like a “song and dance ” man. I found him completely charming.
    The dresses were ok , though I thought Alicia Keys looked particularly beautiful.
    The set design was also very well done.
    Loved the past winners speaking directly to the nominees , personalized the whole experience.
    Worst dressed – Beyonce
    Sean Penn – You rock !

  2. I loved the Oscars last night and I loved the way Hugh hosted…he wasn’t hysterical, but he was entertaining. I too, cringed when Jennifer Aniston was on stage and they showed Brad and Angelina. Tacky!!!!! My favorite dress hands down was Natalie Portman.. She looked beautiful..

  3. I agree, Beyonce would be on the top 5 worst list. I didn’t like Miley…she looked like a mermaid. I though Heidi K looked like a visitor from another planet.
    I also agree that Natalie looked great I just wish the hair was different. I think many dresses would have looked better if the bun was not so freaking tight!

  4. I was a big fan of the Jackman/Beyonce musical mix, with cameos by Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. This performance brought much needed attention to the musical genre and was a great display of the mixture of song and cinema that Hollywood has created in the past.

    Like you, my two favorite moments of my recent Oscar memory were the speeches by Sean Penn and even moreso that given by Dustin Lance Black, screenwrite of “Milk.” His speech was symbolic of the progression gays and lesbians have finally been able to make in modern society. Young, out, respectable, talented and well spoken and inspirational. It was touching and well deserved!

  5. I thought Slumdog and Curious Case won to many awards, Slumdog was good but i dont think it was particularly memorable or even artistic.

    And I thought Hugh Jackmans opening was hilarious, especially when he was singing about how Dark Knight was not nominated.

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