Sex Sells


Last Christmas I flew Southwest and not only did my luggage not show up at my destination I actually received a sealed empty bag of pretzels on the flight. I knew times were tough but do they just want to give the illusion of handing out snacks? Well now the airlines as stooped to a lower level of having double standards. 2 years ago when the economy was not as bad as today they asked a woman who had on a short skirt and low top to get off the plane or to purchase something in the gift shop to cover herself. Why…because “Keith” said they were a family airline and she was dressed to provocatively.

Now the economy is in the pits so I guess Southwest needs some business so to hell with the “family airline” theory. The plane now has the Sports Illustrated bikini model painted on the side of their plane. Their spokesman says “We were looking for a fresh marketing approach”. Here, 2 years ago they humiliated a woman who was wearing more clothes then the model on their plane, what is their excuse now. Author Davis Delano says “If Southwest featured a female soccer player kicking a ball that would have broken the mold. Instead, it’s same old, same old”.

Desperate times call for desperate measures but I would have thought with all those empty pretzel bags they would have saved millions. I know Vegas has changed with the times, years ago they were all about sex, then they made it more family oriented and now they are back to sex. Good economy = family. Bad economy = sex.

(Here is the interview 2 years ago that shows what the woman was wearing)


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  1. I never understood how the airline had the right to do that to this woman in the first place. It seemed odd and as far as I remember, there was no “parts” being revealed. If her clothes were good enough to not be cited by TSA for indecent exposure, then I couldn’t understand how Southwest felt they had the right to do that.

    It’s great to see the Southwest being a hypocrite now because there is nothing “cool” or “hip” about there airline. This attempt doesn’t help that fact. The purple and blood orange colors have got to go first, then maybe we can talk cool.

    VIRGIN AMERICA! Now that is low cost, cool domestic carrier!

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