Butt why should I?

Too many trees are being cut down just to make your bathroom experience more pleasurable…the fluffier the paper the more trees that have to come down. I honestly don’t care how soft my toilet paper is, and I don’t even go camping. But all you spoiled people out there that need comfort; you are cutting down even some trees from rare old-growth forests…some trees up to 200 years old. Yes, it is the fiber taken from standing trees that make your butt more comfortable. Paper can be made from recycled material but according to Georgia Pacific, maker of Quilted Northern, customers “demand soft and comfortable, recycled fiber cannot do it”. Sales were way up in 2008 so maybe people are not ready to go green yet in the bathroom. (that didn’t sound right)

This past Sunday at the Academy awards they were not using designer toilet paper. When the celebrities would leave the bathroom with some toilet paper stuck on their shoe and was asked “who are you wearing” they could proudly answer, “100% recycled toilet tissue”! Yes, the Kodak Theater is environmentally hip.

In many European nations a rough sheet of paper is deemed sufficient. C’mon, we can do it too. Just try it, you will get used to it. You can start slow…start with the ultra soft, then the next week you shop just go for “soft” and use that for about a week. Then the next week try recycled. At the beginning you may hate it but honestly, you won’t notice after a week. Let’s boycott all these foo foo papers!

To answer “Butt why should I”, not only will you save trees butt

Turning a tree to paper needs more water then turning paper back into fiber.

Polluting bleach is used for greater whiteness

Recycled paper produces less waste tonnage


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  1. Safeway/Vons has their store brand “Bright Green” of recycled paper products. Their toilet paper is made of 100% recycled paper, it’s 2-ply and “ultra soft.” It’s not necessarily cotton soft, but we all need to sacrifice a bit for the greater good. This sacrifice isn’t even too drastic.

    I do find 7th Generation products suffer from competition on the market, because their products tend to be more expensive and the price conscious consumer will most likely sacrifice “green” for “green,” ala earth conscious for dollars. Clorox has come out with a line of house cleaning products that is earth friendly, just as effective and pennies, rather than dollars, more than harsh chemical cleansers.

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