What is wrong with this photo


I spent a very relaxing birthday in Palm Springs this past weekend; if anyone is planning a trip I recommend the Viceroy which is a cute little boutique resort nestled away in downtown Palm Springs. I would have to say the staff was the most genuinely nicest group of resort employees I have dealt with. One warning though, we needed a snack to hold us over until dinner so we got one order of french fries while laying poolside…$10.00. They were awesome french fries but I don’t think I have ever spent that on such a small portion of potatoes.

Speaking of poolside, I grabbed one of their magazines and was skimming through the pages. I came across this photo and thought it was odd. Then I see it is an advertisement for the Luxe hotel on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. I mean cmon, does it not look like someone is considering jumping? Is this what happens when they receive their bill for Beverly Hills? Then I noticed in very small print on top of the ad it said “This brilliant photo op of Rodeo Drive is only available from one hotel”. I’m sorry but this ad is downright disturbing. What do you think?


It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to

This Sunday, March 29th, is my birthday. No, it’s not my golden birthday. I would bet that there are very few men who know what a golden birthday is, well let me tell you. If it was my golden b’day I would be turning 29 on the 29th…get it. I think birthdays are more of a woman thing; we make a bigger deal out of them then the opposite sex. It starts out pretty even though, I would say most 5 year olds love their day of birth, they celebrate about 4 times a year; 5 ¼, 5 ½ and then again at 5 ¾. Maybe guys stop enjoying theirs once they hit college years; I still like mine. When I was a kid, March 29th was a day where I was special. Not only did I like the presents but I didn’t have to clear the table and I could pick what was for dinner; it was an awesome day. I must admit it’s not as awesome as it used to be because now it’s not like I’m waiting to be 17 to drive; now it’s more like “ I don’t want to get to 55 and be eligible for AARP”.

Well either way birthdays happen; I survived another year and what a year it was…a recession year, wahoo.

Virtue Smirtue

For some reason the word “patience” has been popping up a lot lately (well in my life it has). Is someone trying to tell me something? When God created the person right before me, he then broke the patience mold because I got none. I do have a question…is patience hereditary? They say patience is a virtue, I say you lucked out in life if you have any. I think because I get bored very easily, that has something to do with it. When a traffic light is red I look around in my car for something to do. If you are content with doing nothing then I would have to assume you would be patient. I also think if you have many gripes (as I do, seen on my Gripe tab) it means you lack patience. My main gripe is stupid/oblivious people which I have no patience for so that’s where the two meld together.

I would think at my age it is hopeless…I do not have the patience now to learn how to be patient. I am the worst patient in a waiting room; there have been times where I was fit to be tied because of waiting time! I think I will just have to continue on in life with the motto “hate to wait”. But…and there is a but; Obama has asked for patience and I think I can force a tad out for him.

If you have the patience, watch this 2 minute clip of Elaine from Seinfeld who is stuck on a subway and is waiting for it to start up. This is me to the tee!!!!!

The candy man can cause he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good

chuckles-candy by namo_mandos.

I had to laugh, I was reading my San Diego newspaper and they mentioned my sister’s favorite place in the whole world…Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York. Ever since this one guy was laid off in December he has become a “gummy junkie” and has been stocking up on sweets every time he goes grocery shopping; looks like he is not alone. With this recession people need to drown their sorrow with a sugar fix (although my sister needs her fix even in the best of times)! According to Peter Liebhold “candy companies are relatively recession proof”. Good to know! But for others candy sometimes makes us think of better times and can be very nostalgic…NECCO Wafers are now a very hot item.

The candy industry is booming…Cadbury, Nestlé’s and Hershey are all showing profits. Unfortunately the Starbucks of coffee, Ghirardelli, has announced they will be closing some of its luxury retail stores this year (I have tried it and Hershey’s is just as good). Looks like the five and dime type candy is the hot commodity now. Bit-O-Honey, Swedish Fish and Sour Balls are in high demand in Chicago. Cheap is Chic. I loved Chuckles, I would always save the red and black for last since they are the best!

So the lesson learned from today’s Daily Dalia is open a candy store (a cheap one). People will always love candy no matter what (although now I prefer a Chardonnay to Chuckles). What is your favorite past time candy? I just remembered Bottle Caps…I liked them too J

I haven’t been canceled yet

Happy 1 Year Anniversay to Me!

Happy 1 Year Anniversay to Me!

  My, my how time does fly; it’s been a year for the Daily Dalia blog. Why have I not yet been offered a book deal or Lifetime movie?? I’m already thinking of who should play me…maybe Julia Roberts? I think it’s time for “the best of the DD…a year’s retrospective”.  (Honestly, it’s one of those days I have nothing to say so like the writers of TV shows, they throw in re-runs…but it really is my year anniversary). Here are my favorites-

Dalia Eyes (a new category I just started)-


Et Cetera – “Out with the old, in with the new! Bye, bye Bush”.

Obama Set for Giant Step Into History // President-elect Barack Obama & wife Michelle pose with President Bush and first lady Laura Bush (© Larry Downing/Reuters/Landov)

What’s Cool – ”No matter what you do, making it look effortless is cool” (written by Al).

Gripe Session – “When your mother forgets all your friends names” (written by Denville)

ReviewsYou don’t have to wrestle with the idea of seeing this movie, The Wrestler should be on your top 5 list. Now I’m not into wrestling at all, I would say only about 10-15 minutes of the movie actually takes place in the ring, it’s the story that is so great and the way it was filmed (not to mention that fact that it takes place in NJ). Mickey Rourke definitley deserves his nomination for the Oscar for best actor, he plays this character to the T and Marisa also shows us what she is made of. The one thing I loved about this movie is how they actually show how wrestling is all staged…and how back stage they are all buddies. This movie never drags, the story sucks you in and keeps you all the way to the end.

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My final grade is an A-

Quick Tips = After cutting garlic or onions, wash your hands with salt to get that lasting odor out.

As for my posts, that’s a harder one to pick, it would be like picking your favorite child. I did enjoy this particular one and had some good comment’s so I chose this one-https://dailydalia.wordpress.com/2009/02/20/catholic-school-days/


I hope some of you have enjoyed a year of hearing me ramble on about anything and everything. Let me know if you have any suggestions for my second year or tell me what you’ve enjoyed about my first year.


Back to the Future

I sometimes think I should have been born maybe a few years earlier, I would have liked to have experienced more of the “hippie” days. But for the most I am pleased with the year I was born. Think back to your teen, early adulthood life, lets say ages 15-25.


I’m having déjà vu and not a good one. I was at my manfriend’s daughter’s soccer game yesterday and it all came back to me…how sports parents are annoying! My kids are older now and I thought I was finally done attending these games; not quite yet. They wouldn’t be too bad if I could just tape the mouths of some parents. I think if a parent is going to yell something it has to be positive like “good going Sally”, or “way to go Mikey”. I don’t want to hear “c’mon Bobby, get with it”, “Mary, don’t just stand there” or this is the most common one “what are you blind ref”. (And yes, all these names used are fictitious; you know this because they weren’t Madison, Jacob, Emma or Joshua).

There is a person at these games called “the coach” and it is their job to give your child the correct direction from the sidelines. It is the parent’s job to attend and support their child in a positive way; not to ridicule and embarrass them. I thought sports were supposed to be fun…what a concept!

So parents, in the words from a movie I loved as a kid called Tommy…”you know where to put the cork”. If you don’t know that movie what it means is “shut up”.