Shit, this is hard

An earthquake would probably be easier to handle in Los Angeles then trying not to swear for a week. The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has issued a proclamation making this week “No Cussing Week” thanks to a 15 year old, McKay Hatch. McKay wants to clean up people’s language, he says that when he began 7th grade he noticed his friends beginning to swear, something his family wouldn’t allow.  Good for you McKay.

I know when my kids were young they were not allowed to swear, I didn’t even allow them to say “that sucks”. I tried to teach my kids that even when you are older swearing is not the answer; it only makes you look stupid.  I won’t lie, I do once in a while use that dreaded “f” word when I am FURIOUS, it just makes me feel better! The only difference is I use it with little or no people around. The other day my manfriend and I were sitting at a bar and the gentleman sitting a few seats down from me was swearing his head off. I found this very annoying; I really don’t understand how people can throw these words around in public and so loudly. What an ass he was (ass is Ok…right)?

Last week I was at a high school and this one guy was screaming “f— this” and “f— that”. I was amazed, is this allowed at school now? I guess there is a trade off…when I was a kid I was allowed to smoke at school but not swear. Now you can swear but not smoke. What about spitting…can you spit in school. I hate spitting.

We know our teens will probably swear, just try to teach them the right and wrong time to do it.


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