C’mon Lucky Seven

Most parents think of their children as all equal. Today the state Supreme Court will decide if my 2 sons are equal; can you imagine someone telling you that about your children.

Last November 5th, the day after the dreaded prop 8 election, my son and I cried on the phone together. He told me he felt like a second class citizen just because he is gay. I was devastated that morning; I never thought people would be that ignorant. On that morning my son, along with millions of other people, were told they were not equal to a person like me; they could not marry someone of the same sex. My son took his tears and turned them into a passion to fight for his rights. This morning hopefully the state Supreme Court will show how supreme they really are and finally put a stop to the evil of prop 8. Seven justices will decide if I can someday attend a wedding in honor of my gay son. They have given me permission to attend my straight sons wedding so what’s the problem here. I used to work for a caterer and was witness to all the arguing that would go on in the planning of a couple’s wedding day. These people were fighting about trivial things like food, number of guests and flavor of the cake. Seems silly doesn’t it.

Forget about the fat lady, it’s not over till the gay person weds. No matter what decision is made (I believe they have 90 days) we will never give up. I will be “mother of the groom” at both my sons’ weddings (if they choose to marry).


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