Grosse Pointe Blank

Everyone has a different list of things that gross them out. Yesterday I was at a store and there was a mom and her 4 year old at the counter paying. The child’s face came right even with the counter and for the whole transaction he sucked on the counters edge with his mouth. All I kept thinking of was all the germs entering that child’s body and how many hands had touched that counter. I so wanted to say something to the mom but knew that was not my place. It got me thinking of other things I have seen that disturb me…

1.       Adults that pick their nose and eat it…yes, I have seen this especially with men driving cars (I have not seen women yet). What they hell are they thinking? I know woman mature faster then men but that is ridiculous!

2.       People kissing animals on their mouths…I know this one is more common but sorry, do they not see where animal’s mouths have been? They lick anything and everything!

3.       Ok, this one is not ordinary but I hate to see people with bare feet (usually dirty) and they put them on their or other people’s couches. Sometimes people lay down on couches…I don’t want my head or face where your dirty feet were.

4.       Speaking of feet, I once saw this guy with flip flops on and it looked like his feet have had no attention since he was born (and he was in his 50’s). I was eating lunch at the time and had to move my seat so they would not be in my view…that is how bad they were. Groom your feet!

5.       Spitting is also gross…why do people think they can do this in public? First they make that sound in their throat getting the spit ready which is disgusting in itself. Then saliva from their mouth is ejected onto public areas…yuck! I was once eating on a restaurant patio and again, a 50 year old man exited the restaurant and spit…just a few feet from where I was eating. Disgusting!

Here are just a few things from my list, what is on your list?

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