Cher and Cher alike

Cher Souvenirs
Cher Souvenirs

Cher made it this time…to Caesars Palace in Vegas this past weekend. If anyone remembers I had gone in September but she canceled, I believe she was having throat problems. Well she was worth the wait! At 62 Cher still knows her stuff and has the attitude to go along with it. I first saw her live back in 1975, she wore an Indian costume and sang Halfbreed…she still has the same costume, and looks just as awesome in it. There is just something about her stage presence that mesmerizes me and even more so when she is standing 25 feet away from me. My idol since I was a little girl still makes me feel giddy years later. Her entrance into the theater was of course very “theatrical” but its Cher, what else would you expect. Of course you were also entertained with all her different costumes, I can’t even imagine a Cher concert with her in one outfit, it would be like going to see Seinfeld with one joke. I would say the average age in the audience was 45-50, if they were 25 the odds were they were gay…gay men do love Cher! Not to be stereotypical but don’t most gay men have great taste…hence CHER.

Vegas is a great city for about 2 nights, then you have to get the hell out! So your next visit, go see Cher. Why you ask, because everyone should experience the ultimate “coolness” of her once in your life. I also recommend The Beatles Love show…it’s very groovy.


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