Coffee, Tea or Nap

Damn, I just found out yesterday that Monday was National Napping Day, I missed it! All my calendar says for March 9th is Labour Day in Australia, there was no mention of a national napping day.  How do these days become official, is there a committee that sits around a table discussing possibilities. Well they listened to Wiliam Anthony and his wife Camille. 10 years ago (how did I miss this for 10 years) they began the observance on the first full day of daylight savings. Their theory is that naps boost productivity…and costs less than a cup of coffee.  If this theory is right then why is there a Starbucks on every corner instead of a mattress shop? Just think of how much time and money you would save not going to Starbucks and waiting in their lines. You could take a pretty nice yearly vacation with your savings!

I have never been able to nap; I have tried but always seem to fail unless I am sick. I can’t meditate either, maybe it has something to do with not being able to calm the mind or maybe my 9 hours I get every night is enough. My younger son is a great napper; he could teach the art of napping. He has a laid back personality which I think may be part of the talent. And at what age do people stop fighting and start begging to take a nap. We all know pre-school kids will do anything not to nap but college students would love a 5 minute siesta. UCSD had their first nap-in yesterday; maybe the craze will make its way across the US. Or is this just a laid back California thing going on?

My question is, the only time I love my coffee is when I wake up, so am I supposed to wake up and take a nap?


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  1. Google wants their employees to take naps because they are aware of the many benefits to it.

    But then again, that is google and they have awkwardly amazing benefits for their employees.

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