Dyson does suck

Part 2 of my vacuum saga-

Let me give you a short re-cap of my Dyson story part 1- I bought a Dyson vacuum cleaner and within a few seconds my carpet was ruined… 6 month old Berber carpet and the fibers were sucked up so strong that I have an area now that is all fuzzy. I sent the vacuum back to the claims dept and now the hell begins-

First of all this infamous meeting took over a week…a group of people deciding my fate as a consumer. Then I get a phone call from the call center saying my claim was denied and they were mailing my vacuum back. I was also informed that there would be NO APPEAL…what the hell is that about! Even OJ has the right to appeal. According to Dyson I used the vacuum wrong. According to them I should not have used the “carpet” setting but I should have used the “floor” setting. First of all I told them I tried BOTH settings and they BOTH sucked the fiber. They read back my “statement” and again said “you used it wrong, the vacuum is fine”. I guess I should have had my lawyer present before making any statement…make a mental note for next time I have problem with an appliance. I am not a moron, I know how to vacuum, I have been doing so for many, many years! Maybe they should have a big WARNING sign on the box “If you use this and your carpet is ruined it is your fault, you will not get your money back and don’t even think of an appeal”!

So of course this “call person” knows nothing so I asked to speak to someone on this damn committee…I was told “the committee” does not speak to customers. Of course no one will talk to me there. What kind of company won’t give your money back when you are dissatisfied??? Whenever I call this one gentleman I speak to he is always so mysterious…I told him I feel like I’m calling the Twilight Zone, it is the oddest place. The letter they sent me then goes on to say they “value me as a customer and look forward to serving me in the future”. You’ve got to be f—— kidding me!

I have heard a few people say they like their Dyson and maybe they don’t have Berber carpet. My main complaint is their customer service…they could care less about the customer. Obviously they don’t go by the theory “the customer is always right”…there committee is always right (and no APPEAL for you)!