Now you can afford that beer!!

Millions of people are unemployed, the recession is still lingering on but there is light at the end of this long dark tunnel. Here in California the San Diego Padres are helping out in these hard times, so you fans sit back and don’t worry. Drum roll please……..the Padres are lowering their premium beer price from $9.00 to $8.50!!!!! Awwwww, how nice of them, a whole .50 cents, I think my eyes are tearing up.

I am not a sports fan but I find the .50 cent savings very insulting, well I guess it’s better then a quarter. In 2004 the Padres were given a brand new Stadium and since then every year the price of beer has gone up (someone had to pay for their new home). In an article by Michael Stetz, he figured out that one keg of beer brings in about an $800 profit, WOW!  Mr. Stetz also reported that the beer at Petco Park had a lower alcohol content then the same brands found in bars and stores. So we are paying more and not getting as drunk as we should; what is wrong with that picture. If I ever do make my way to a game I will need to be drunk to be able to sit through the boredom of 9 innings.

If I ever get knocked out and somehow wake up loving baseball I may have to consider moving to Kansas City. They have the cheapest beer at $4.00 a glass. I don’t know, is Kansas worth it?

Padres, take your .50 cents and put it where the sun doesn’t shine…which can’t be San Diego!


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