Erin Go Bragh

Tomorrow is St. Patricks day, a day where we celebrate… you guessed it, Saint Patrick who is one of the patron saints of Ireland. Was Saint Pat a big drinker, what other holiday that celebrates a saint do so many people get drunk on green beer. It, of course, is a national holiday in Ireland but here in the U.S it’s just a day where the bars can charge a cover to get in and double their prices. Although beer prices are high, all the supermarkets do have corned beef and cabbage on sale so I guess it’s a trade off.

I am ¼ Irish along with ¼ German and ½ Italian (whatever all that means). I have always been proud of my Irish and Italian heritage but not so sure about the German part. Nothing against being German but I just never heard much about them (only some mean guy with a mustache). I went to Catholic School through the 8th grade and St. Pats day was huge…we would sing the songs like Oh Danny Boy and even did the jig. We still had to wear our damn uniform though which had no green in it but maybe we were allowed to wear a shamrock. Did you know St. Patrick used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity to the pre-Christian Irish? Why did I always think it was the 4 leaf clover that we used on this day?

So tomorrow make sure you wear your green, for some strange reason you may get pinched if you don’t. I think that has something to do with an argument between the Catholics and the Protestants…sounds juvenile to me. May the luck of the Irish be with you (although I am Irish and not very lucky, I guess that’s because I only have ¼ irish blood in me).