Neighborhood Watch?

I don’t know about where you live but in San Diego we have a water shortage and I think whoever came up with this new idea to save water made a mistake. The water authority is handing out door hangers that allow your neighbors to play water wasting cop. These hangers read:

“Dear neighbor, our region is facing a serious water shortage. This makes eliminating water waste more important than ever. While passing your home, I noticed the following”:

Then five check boxes allow you to identify the offenses such as sprinklers that run every day (should be 2 or 3 times a week), broken nozzles, lawn being watered wrong time of day, etc. I don’t know but I don’t want my neighbor telling me what to do. If there is already some little feud going on between neighbors this could be great ammunition to turn it into a war. In the past I could have used some of these door hangers for; “Can you get your dog to shut the hell up and stop crapping on my yard”, or “do you think that rusted totem pole you have in your back yard is attractive to the rest of the community”.  People can leave these hangers anonymously or sign their names…Uh, I would have to bet that anonymous will win out so they won’t wake up to eggs on their house.

They spent $68,000 to make these hangers; I think they could have used that money for something more beneficial. I understand the problem is serious but I have to disagree with making the neighbors into deputy sheriff’s…why do I keep getting this vision of Barney Fife. What hangers would you leave on your neighbors door?