Just Breathe

Why is it that I’m amazed when something actually goes smooth? Not only is unemployment at its highest but the people that are employed seem less competent than ever. I have already told you about my vacuum disaster that I’m still dealing with; they refuse to call me back…those cowards. In case you forgot the company its DYSON…let my say that one more time…DYSON. Then I bought a new flat iron on line end of February and I still do not have it. I was informed that the package is lost and they will re-ship. I asked if they could put a rush on that since they lost my first one but was told they did not have that ability. Anyone has ability! Then I received a new health insurance card in the mail with all different information on the card. I didn’t change my plan, and was not informed of any change. I emailed my rep on Monday and she said it must be a mistake and would get back to me by end of day. What she didn’t say was end of what day…I have still not heard back.

I dealt with all these things on one day…can you spell A G G R A V A T I O N. And then there was the straw that broke the camel’s back. You know that one thing that happens that is so stupid but it just annoys you because you’re at that boiling point. I was in Target looking for a birthday card for my niece…finding the right card is important to me. I pick up a card that on the front says “for a niece who is kind, sweet, considerate, cute and funny”. OK, here is where the straw on the camel’s back came in. I open the card and it says something like “of course that is why we are related”. OMG…can we come up with new writers. I have heard that same damn line in cards forever!!! Who on this planet has not heard that card yet!                                               Now can we spell O R I G I N A L I T Y!

Sorry, I needed to vent. And don’t get me started on AIG.

What’s your beef?

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