I’m having déjà vu and not a good one. I was at my manfriend’s daughter’s soccer game yesterday and it all came back to me…how sports parents are annoying! My kids are older now and I thought I was finally done attending these games; not quite yet. They wouldn’t be too bad if I could just tape the mouths of some parents. I think if a parent is going to yell something it has to be positive like “good going Sally”, or “way to go Mikey”. I don’t want to hear “c’mon Bobby, get with it”, “Mary, don’t just stand there” or this is the most common one “what are you blind ref”. (And yes, all these names used are fictitious; you know this because they weren’t Madison, Jacob, Emma or Joshua).

There is a person at these games called “the coach” and it is their job to give your child the correct direction from the sidelines. It is the parent’s job to attend and support their child in a positive way; not to ridicule and embarrass them. I thought sports were supposed to be fun…what a concept!

So parents, in the words from a movie I loved as a kid called Tommy…”you know where to put the cork”. If you don’t know that movie what it means is “shut up”.


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  1. Having 3 kids in sports you can’t imagine what I have seen and heard on the court and field. It is frightening the freak show you can see on the side lines. I only wished I had video to submit to AFV.

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