The candy man can cause he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good

chuckles-candy by namo_mandos.

I had to laugh, I was reading my San Diego newspaper and they mentioned my sister’s favorite place in the whole world…Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York. Ever since this one guy was laid off in December he has become a “gummy junkie” and has been stocking up on sweets every time he goes grocery shopping; looks like he is not alone. With this recession people need to drown their sorrow with a sugar fix (although my sister needs her fix even in the best of times)! According to Peter Liebhold “candy companies are relatively recession proof”. Good to know! But for others candy sometimes makes us think of better times and can be very nostalgic…NECCO Wafers are now a very hot item.

The candy industry is booming…Cadbury, Nestlé’s and Hershey are all showing profits. Unfortunately the Starbucks of coffee, Ghirardelli, has announced they will be closing some of its luxury retail stores this year (I have tried it and Hershey’s is just as good). Looks like the five and dime type candy is the hot commodity now. Bit-O-Honey, Swedish Fish and Sour Balls are in high demand in Chicago. Cheap is Chic. I loved Chuckles, I would always save the red and black for last since they are the best!

So the lesson learned from today’s Daily Dalia is open a candy store (a cheap one). People will always love candy no matter what (although now I prefer a Chardonnay to Chuckles). What is your favorite past time candy? I just remembered Bottle Caps…I liked them too J


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  1. Where do I begin…….Back in my “trick or treat” youth, I loved Charms lollipops and lifesavers. I used to line them up by colors and save until the very end. I also remember going to the 5&10 and buying “Sugar Mama” Not Sugar Daddy or Sugar Babies…it had to be the big mama. But I also loved pixie sticks. Going to a candy store now is as overwhelming as it was when I was 6. I love
    the remarkable fragrance when you walk thru the door. And I still have a hard time picking just one or two items out to satisfy my craving.
    I will say this… can keep all that fancy crap with the high price tags ….just give me a good old fashion Hershey Bar……Reeses……Almond Joy……..Kit Kat……….
    Twix……..Babe Ruth…………….Snickers….Butter Fingers.

    I am no longer a fan of anything that doesn’t have any chocolate in it or on it somewhere….but I do still appreciate everything that falls under the category of “CANDY”. I mean c’mon it even looks pretty …all the different colors and shapes., sizes. etc. Someday maybe I’ll own my own Candy Store.. and I’ll have my sister come up with the name.

  2. Just got back from the dentist, watch out, sucking on peppermints can be trouble. Three cavities, one under a crown, my dentist says only sugarless mints now. Somehow
    sugarless is not the same. I had to quit Altoids too! I loved them!

  3. How come you can’t find turkish taffy anymore.

  4. For us Btn-ites… remember Patsy’s, T-Ball’s, Bednar’s and Martanciks? (sure I spelled the last one wrong!). 5 cents bought alot (how come I don’t have a ‘cent’ sign anymore?)

  5. What about Fun Dips? I love the grape flavor. Sweet tarts and Sprees.

    But I truly am a chocoholic above all else. I agree with Kim, no fancy stuff, just Heshey’s. YUMMY

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