It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to

This Sunday, March 29th, is my birthday. No, it’s not my golden birthday. I would bet that there are very few men who know what a golden birthday is, well let me tell you. If it was my golden b’day I would be turning 29 on the 29th…get it. I think birthdays are more of a woman thing; we make a bigger deal out of them then the opposite sex. It starts out pretty even though, I would say most 5 year olds love their day of birth, they celebrate about 4 times a year; 5 ¼, 5 ½ and then again at 5 ¾. Maybe guys stop enjoying theirs once they hit college years; I still like mine. When I was a kid, March 29th was a day where I was special. Not only did I like the presents but I didn’t have to clear the table and I could pick what was for dinner; it was an awesome day. I must admit it’s not as awesome as it used to be because now it’s not like I’m waiting to be 17 to drive; now it’s more like “ I don’t want to get to 55 and be eligible for AARP”.

Well either way birthdays happen; I survived another year and what a year it was…a recession year, wahoo.


3 Responses

  1. Have a Happy Birthday! At least you’re younger than Cher (and me)

  2. Happy Birthday !!!!!!!Hope you have fun in the sun.

  3. Happy Birthday! Funny you mention Golden Birthdays because I was just talking about that earlier this week. This year is my golden birthday.

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