What is wrong with this photo


I spent a very relaxing birthday in Palm Springs this past weekend; if anyone is planning a trip I recommend the Viceroy which is a cute little boutique resort nestled away in downtown Palm Springs. I would have to say the staff was the most genuinely nicest group of resort employees I have dealt with. One warning though, we needed a snack to hold us over until dinner so we got one order of french fries while laying poolside…$10.00. They were awesome french fries but I don’t think I have ever spent that on such a small portion of potatoes.

Speaking of poolside, I grabbed one of their magazines and was skimming through the pages. I came across this photo and thought it was odd. Then I see it is an advertisement for the Luxe hotel on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. I mean cmon, does it not look like someone is considering jumping? Is this what happens when they receive their bill for Beverly Hills? Then I noticed in very small print on top of the ad it said “This brilliant photo op of Rodeo Drive is only available from one hotel”. I’m sorry but this ad is downright disturbing. What do you think?


4 Responses

  1. Creepy

  2. I’d fire the Ad Executive

  3. The one clever part of the picture is that it gets people talking and sometimes that’s exactly what a brand needs.

    Girl is on top of the world. Is she going to jump or is she admiring the view? Boom. Discussion happens and all of sudden everyone is talking about this hotel.

    In the end, maybe it’s doing exactly what they want it to do.

  4. People are also talking about the woman who gave birth to all those babies…still doesn’t make it right.

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