I was watching the news this morning and they are interviewing Heidi Klum in a Victoria Secret store asking her to give suggestions to the audience for Mother’s Day gifts. Don’t forget Heidi is probably the number one model for that store.  Heidi’s first suggestion was a certain bra she likes that is a push up style and very comfortable. Is it me or is that weird. I really don’t want my kids buying me a bra for Mother’s Day. And no comments how men buy their wives things for Mother’s day…I disagree with that too. If you are my husband or boyfriend I do not want a Mom gift from you…EWWW.


Any reason to write about Cher


This story isn’t really that interesting to me but the main character is! Once upon a time CHER began to speak and 7 years later the courts are mimicking her words. Back in the year 2002 as she waved her lifetime achievement trophy at the Fox Billboard Music Awards Show she said “People have been telling me I’m on the way out every year, right” So fuck em”. This was the start of the new ruling set this past Tuesday by the Supreme Court that upholds a prohibition of expletive outbursts on broadcast. C’mon, It’s Cher…what do you expect. There are some people you know that as soon as they talk you can be assured that something controversial is going to come out…Cher being one of them.

This Supreme Court ruling was the first one since 1978 where the court upheld a fine against a radio station that had George Carlin’s “Filthy Words” monologue. Here is a 47 second clip on good ole George and his take on the fact that we have more ways to describe dirty words then actually dirty words…watch his talent-

Ugh…not again

Call me bitter…call me unemployed but I’m really tired of opening up Sunday’s paper and on the front page of the classifieds I read “How to update your Resume” or “How to give that great interview”. I swear its EVERY Sunday…has something changed from the week before or is this just filler because there are no jobs to put in this section anymore. I have updated my resume and know the interview rules…tell me something I don’t already know.

How about next Sunday they have “How to pick the winning numbers in the Lottery” or “How to find that bottle with the genie in it”…I think your odds are the same to these as finding a job. Seriously what they should write about is how to be in the right place at the right time or how to make more friends because it’s not what you know but who you know.

Ok…I feel better now, I have had my rant. It’s just that my patience is wearing very thin… unfortunately I wasn’t given much of that trait at birth. And just to let you know, I have been applying for jobs that I NEVER thought I would so you can’t say I’m aiming too high. Misery loves company…anyone else out there?


Just as I think spending big bucks on a wedding is ludicrous I have the same train of thought for a funeral.  Because of the economy more people are opting for cremation which happens to be my number one choice, recession or no recession. They say the average cremation costs between $700 and $1200 while a funeral can exceed $10,000. C’mon people, do you really think your loved one wants you to spend that kind of money. I know they have very fancy coffins…how can someone not think that is a total waste of money. I bet they even make Louis Vuitton pillows claiming they will rest in peace more comfortably. Get the basics and donate the rest to a good cause.

I found this interesting…35% now choose cremation nationwide and 63% opt for it in San Diego. My guess would be that San Diego is such a pretty area that people want the ocean for their final resting place. Even though I live in SD I want my ashes in Boonton NJ…that is where my heart is. I also know I don’t want anyone wasting money on anything…well if anything I would like a cool DJ at my lifeparty playing all my favorite songs.

Now this is just wrong…I read that some people prepay for their funeral so the family will have no worries…that is fine. BUT, some families actually ask if they can downgrade so they can have some money back. Are you kidding me…that’s just sick and actually against the law.

Everyone has different views on death…Annie Lennox says in a song “Dying is easy it’s living that scares me to death”. I share her thought.

Pick your Parents

Family Ties title scene from the third season

If you were a child growing up in “TV Land”, what family would you want to be a member of-

Is San Diego your destination?

 Would this make you want to visit San Diego…”Happy Happens”.  The SD Convention & Visitors Bureau is unveiling an $8.7 million advertising campaign with this new slogan to “woo” travelers. I always vision a group of people sitting around a table with their degrees in Marketing and think “this is the best they could come up with…Happy Happens”?

If I were sitting around that table I would have looked at it from another angle…an angle that says San Diego is a compassionate city and we feel the pain that everyone is going through in these hard times. I just don’t think people are happy at the moment. I live here and happy isn’t happening for me. How about-

We really do care

The light at the end of the tunnel

Next best thing after home

San Diego is where the heart is


Well I don’t have a degree in marketing but something along those lines. Or my second idea to lure visitors is to have a reality check.  I mean c’mon…$300+ a night for a hotel room is ridiculous. Check in time now is like 4:00 and they want you out by 11:00…what warrants that pricing. Seriously, don’t most people spend the day sightseeing and just sleep in the room. Restaurants are also getting out of control. How about these-


Realism hits our city

Pricing of the 70’s

We finally woke up

It was all a dream


I may be seeing the glass as half empty in this case but I just don’t see “Happy Happens” happening. What do you think? Are you coming to San Diego this year?

Kindness 101

Ellen DeGeneres usually doesn’t get serious on her show but yesterday she interviewed the woman whose 11 year old committed suicide just this past April 6th. This boy killed himself because he was getting bullied at school. This is one issue we really need to get serious about and I thought Ellen had a good idea…early on along with their math, science, physical education class we also have a compassion/kindness class. Just like some parents don’t teach their kids history at home their also not teaching them that bullying is wrong. I also read in the paper this week where a little girl didn’t know what to do because her autistic brother was getting teased in school. This is just ridiculous.

 Carl, this 11 year old boy, was being bullied about “possibly” being gay. Many people are saying how proud they are of the first runner up for Miss America this past weekend for speaking her true thoughts about how she thinks marriage should be between a man and a woman. I’m sorry but the sooner gays are counted as equal and not these misfits in society that don’t have equal rights the longer being gay will be seen as odd and a target for teasing. Every little step will help so no, I am in no way “proud” of Carrie Prejean for contributing to the narrow mindedness of people.

There are many reasons kids bully; parents…if you only do ONE thing for your child, teach them to be nice people. Bullying must stop. I think we all know most bullies have low self esteem so work on that too. Did you know before conception that if you had a child it’s your duty to be a responsible parent?