They say things happen in 3’s

Lots of big news in TV land these past couple of days-

Finally my only reality show I watch is back on…Project Runway. I love this show because I love the creativity of the designers (and deep down I wish I was a clothes designer). I usually DVR the show and then fast forward through all the gossip which is what I do not like about reality shows. Well it looks like the lawsuit has ended and it’s coming to a new station…Lifetime.

ER is ending after 15 years on the air; I believe the last show is tonight. I honestly don’t think I have ever watched an episode and I like John Stamos (he’s on that, right)? I’m not a fan of hospitals, blood, germs and needles so I stay away. I never understand doctor lingo either, I think they purposely use these big words so they can feel justified charging us an arm and a leg (ha, I didn’t even plan that pun).

CBS has canceled the Guiding Light which has been around since 1937 (on the radio). Back in the day I was an All My Children fan but I checked into the Betty Ford soap opera detox center to finally stop my addiction to all soaps. The fans have until September 18th for the final episode so I recommend you start now slowing weaning yourself so it won’t be cold turkey.

I do believe all 3 of these have a common tie…ER deals with death and when you die you follow the light (Guiding Light) when you are done living in this Lifetime (new Project Runway station). Coincidence…I think not.


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  1. I have watched ER for all 15 seasons and I have to say that it will be missed. I guess I can go to bed early on Thursday nights now becasue there will be nothing there to keep me awake. I am also a big fan of the Guiding Light of course I was also a fan of (I’m dating myself) Search for Tomorrow and Edge of Night. At the time they went off the air they were the longest running soaps. It just goes to show that all good things must come to an end.

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