Can you make the list?

Damn, my birthday is in March! According to Forbes magazine more American billionaires were born in the fall than in any other season…the most prominent month being September. But wait, I still have a chance. They also say if your parents were number crunchers that also make your odds better. Sweet…my dad was an accountant and my mom did some bookkeeping. Let’s see, the list goes on-

Tech Titans who dropped out of college – I dropped out of college; now I’m 2 for 3 on this “common attributes of billionaires” list.  Let’s move on…

Skull and Bones – I guess this is some kind of secret society…I used to be in a Bunco group if that counts? Oh well, now it’s 50/50 for me. Let’s continue-

A stint at investment bank Goldman Sachs – I just had to look up the definition of “stint” so that’s not a good sign. My odds are dropping…I think I’ll stop now on this damn list. I want to always have that hope it may happen. I still have the ability to buy a lottery ticket…cool!

If you want to continue on with the list


One Response

  1. Okay so if you were born in the fall and if your parents were number cruntchers and the stars all aligned in your favor at birth you could be a millionaire. I think I have a better chance with Ed McMahon or the Lottery. I’ll keep playing those numbers and waiting for the knock on the door.

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