Hippity Hoppity Easter’s on its way

Tomorrow is Good Friday, odd name for the day Christ died on the cross. They say “good” is an adjective applied to the day, is an Old English expression for “holy.” I went to Catholic school for 9 years and never knew that. I did know that I couldn’t eat meat that day or any other Friday in lent. I also knew 2 days later would be Easter.

Easter was a great holiday as both a kid and adult. I loved waking up to that basket filled of CANDY!! I also enjoyed coloring and then hunting for the eggs. We (the bunny) hid them inside the house; I hear some people would hide them outside. What if it was raining or I do remember one Easter it snowed. At least when they are hidden inside you don’t have to deal with weather hazards. After a few years though you did know all the hiding spots by heart.  We had this one religious statue that had a hole behind it; you could bet your bottom dollar there was going to be an egg there! I was very disappointed as a parent because my kids never really got excited about finding the eggs the way I did as a kid. WHY!!! I would have to coax them as to where the eggs were hidden; I would say they got a “C” for effort.

One other Easter tradition I loved and my kids did not …watching the Wizard of Oz. Again…WHY!! How could you not enjoy the Wizard of Oz. I just could not fathom that. I think the movie lost its “specialness” once it went on VHS. Having it on only ONE day a year was memorable to me.

As an adult Easter is my favorite holiday…its simple.

What are your Easter memories?

10 Responses

  1. Tomorrow is actually Thursday. Pretty sure Good Friday falls on a Friday 🙂

    Easter and Passover means The Ten Commandments is broadcasted on ABC. Now that is a yearly event that I remember around Easter.

  2. That just shows you how excited I am for Easter…I’m skipping days!
    Yes, the Ten Commandments is another traditon I do enjoy…but I always seem to fall asleep. Even though I have a DVR, it’s not the same when you don’t watch it on Easter Sunday.

  3. You fall ASLEEEEEEEEP!

  4. I have to admit that Easter is a beautiful time of the year for many reasons! Even though I have a friend that’s terrified of adults in bunny costumes I think it’s funny! 🙂

  5. A favorite memory is when my son David was 6 and asked his Mom if Santa was real. Joyce told him the truth. He said, “That’s okay mom I kinda knew that, I’m still glad the Easter Bunny is real”

    True story

  6. I love Easter!!!!!!!! As excited as I was to get my Easter basket as a kid…I still get excited for my kids and their baskets. I love arranging the baskets and leaving it for them by their bed at night. It also marks the Spring so you know that soon we will have great weather. OH and of course since I am a candy freak…I love all the Easter candy..so when I shop for them I always buy extra for meeeeeeeeeeeeee..

    As far as The Wizard of Oz…..that will never be the same. It just isn’t special anymore..It lost it’s magic when you can go into your movie library …find the VHS/DVD your looking for pop it in and press play …as much as I love that movie..it just isn’t the same feeling looking forward to the day and time that it begins. I also miss the old TV guide when it used to say EASTER SUNDAY on top of the page.

  7. to expressyrsf—–she fell asleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep


  8. What about the new easter dress I would get every year to go to church in. My girls don’t wear dresses much, such a shame. They do like Peeps though!!

  9. If they don’t wear dresses, maybe you can get them some cute pant suits. Never too young to teach girls how to play with the big boys in the realm of fashion.

  10. Yes, Easter seems to become more meaningful every year. My favorite memory is of coloring eggs. The smell of that vinegar dye, pastel-stained fingers, the little copper pick-up tool and the cardboard drying rack! You try to do a half and half colored egg and it doesn’t quite work. The stickers sort of folded when you put them on the egg. And don’t forget the special crayon before the dye routine. Every once and a while you would get the perfect egg, no bare spots, cracks, discoloring, or drying rack rings. Turquoise was best. Everybody would ooh and ah.

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