April showers bring May flowers for June Weddings… speaking of weddings (didn’t you love the tie in from now being April to what I want to discuss today). In a “Dear Abby” yesterday a dad was mad because his future son-in-law did not ask permission from him for his daughters hand in marriage. OMG…this is one tradition that must end. Why would a father think his adult daughter needs his freaking permission? People…we are in the year 2009!! This tradition is just wrong in so many ways-

1.       A father does not own his daughter or any other woman.

2.       Even if the tradition was “correct” why is the mother of the bride not considered?

3.       Why is a son excluded from this whole barbaric ritual? Should the future bride call his parents for permission?

4.       Why does a father assume he has the right to “give his daughter away”.

5.       What about gay couples…if two women are getting married what’s protocol then?

6.       If two men are getting married…I guess no one needs permission.

Speaking of gay marriages (Yes, I did it again)…Vermont has joined reality and is allowing gay couples to get married!!! Wahoo…one more state down.

Note: Dear Abby did agree that this tradition is outdated but it is still a gesture of respect. Respect…my ass. This has nothing to do with respect. It’s just one more degrading action of women. Shame on you Abby.

When it comes to marriage there are sooooooo many traditions that must end. Let me know which ones you think should cease?


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