Your Perfect Easter

Wishing you your perfect Easter…from the Daily Dalia

8 Responses

  1. I hate PEEPS!!!!!!!!!! ugh ewwwww

  2. Today was just the best! God blessed me with the closing on my home last Friday and today we celebrated Easter!

  3. What’s w/the Moses pic for Easter?

    JC a bit to controversial?

  4. But what photo of JC would I pick?

  5. The cool muscular GQ one,lol…or the post tomb one where he’s all shiny..
    Moses dividing the Red Sea somehow doesn’t say Easter to me.

  6. BTW that was me..I just didn’t fill out my paperwork.

  7. But Al…the photo goes with the post. The Ten Commandments is an Easter classic. Why that is…I do not know. Maybe next Easter I will use JC’s photo…if the DD is still going!

  8. Maybe it’s always been a passover classic ,and we Judeo-Christians just assumed it was on for Easter.
    I was unaware of the timing,…but I remember the flick.That’s the one w/Yul as the Pharaoh ,yes?

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