The Hills are Alive

I did end up watching both The Sound of Music and The Ten Commandments this past Easter weekend (well, most of the movies…they are both so damn long). I had to laugh because I watched The Sound of Music with a 12 year old that has never seen it.  She kept stating how “predictable” it was, she knew right away the governess and captain would get together. She also knew the exact moment the captain would have a change of heart. I think what she didn’t realize was that the predictability was only because all the movies in her time have been copied from the classics. This was made in 1965…was it predictable then?

 She did know a lot of the songs but unless you were born under a rock you have to know Doe a deer, a female deer. Gwen Stefani made The Lonely Goatherd known by the youth of today from her re-make which is wonderful. But what this 12 year old didn’t guess was that this story is true and that this family did not want to support Hitler and at the end hikes over the hill to Switzerland. (In reality the real Von Trapp family walked to the local train station and boarded the next train to Italy, from which they fled to London and ultimately the United States). And for some strange reason I doubt the governess made all the children clothes from the drapes…even the Von Trapp kids would have to know how geeky they looked.

I do know that Julie Andrews was perfect for this role, she had both that old time Hollywood beauty and an innocence that made it all come together to help the movie win the Oscar that year. How can you not like Julie Andrews…her voice is still heard at Disneyland every night on Main Street. She is a classic among classics.


4 Responses

  1. How random… This morning a friend sent me this youtube video of 200 Belgian dancers doing a dance to “Do Re Mi” in a train station and then I read this blogpost. Coincidence!

  2. Julie Andrews will always hold a special place in my heart. I have very fond memories growing up with her music so I made it a point to play Sound of Music/Mary Poppins when my kids were little

  3. Thanks for mentioning The Sound of Music. I watched it too and I loved it. Julie Andrews was so wonderful to watch and she even looked good after she fell in the lake, not every beautiful movie star can pass that test.

  4. Good grief I thought everyone had heard of this movie and true family behind it but I will forgive Pumpkin!

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