When you wish upon a star…

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Looks like Disney is having some trouble with boys 6 to 14…they don’t like princesses or Hannah Montana. Way back in the day of Davy Crockett the boys were interested but lately Disney has paid more attention to girls (wow, that’s a first for society). Disney has hired Kelly Pena aka, “the kid whisperer” to dig inside the complex minds of these boys. Good luck to her…does anyone really understand boys/men??? It appears that the media companies have a difficult time trying to figure out the boys’ entertainment market.

Research shows that guys hop around more than girls from sports to TV to video games. And since girls are more willing to talk about their feelings it’s harder to understand the male mind. Seriously, is Disney just learning all this now? Walt is turning over in his grave now…for some reason I think he would have had this dilemma figured out; Walt was a man of vision.

Are boys different now than they were 40 years ago? I think both boys and girls are different; they are growing up faster and not as innocent as before. I think now when most boys over 10 hear Disney they do think it’s for girls…they do overdue it a bit with the princesses.

What’s the answer…I wish I knew. If I could figure out the answer to Disney’s problem I would be rich and be able to see all the princesses all the time!!


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